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    Sep 2011
    You mean, Just the story dialogs are in japanese right? which means the only new thing we got since release is the DAT to dat am I right?
    Thanks again guys!

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    Dec 2010
    On the first page it says that the game dialogues haven't been translated. So yes it will be in Japanese.

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    Okay, we're all having a weekend, so for everyone's pleasure, I've updated D4Trans to 0.12b with all bug fixes so far.

    Here's link:


    [Register or Login to view code]

    You don't need any renaming DAT to dat anymore, not manual extractions, patcher now does all by itself.

    Please, check the first post for some additional info. Report bugs or excitement. Have a nice weekend and enjoy great game!

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    One question dows this work on 3.41 ?

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    Have you seen the new about JFW DH :

    It seems this firmware will allow us to play games up to 3.70 which means Disgaea 4 US will be fully playable in approximately a month.

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    I will believe it when I see it. If it really will be able to play 3.7+ games, that would be awesome. Except for dialogues, after applying our patcher you have nearly the same US version.

    Also, I've read, this S-JIS problem was also when translating Catherine. But IDK wheteher they managed to really find a solution to a problem and not using 2 byte SJIS

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    Great reps to you guys, didn't think someone would be able to do it so fast... no matter having help from a usa version.

    In any case, any of you guys could pm me maybe a link to jap version? I got the usa version a few days ago before my trip, now i come back the site is closed

    Would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for the hard work.

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    Sep 2011
    I finished the last chapter yesterday. It seems that there are no other crashes. But there're a lof of small letter bugs. In the next week I'll post the updated files. At the time I'm searching errors systematically with my post save game.

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    Does this work with any update patch for the jp version?

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