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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Alexmagno Guest
    We already know about it, but the spacing is the same as two chars so it's pointless to use S-Jis letters.

    overlord32: Like i said, use Filezilla to transfer files from your PC to PS3. You will see the permissions just beside the file(s) you copied.
    Then right click and select Change permissions.

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    Buttink Guest
    What do you mean by spacing is the same as two chars? Does \x82 \x60 (A) produce "AA"? or are you talking about the fact that the original ascii is only 1 byte and the S-Jis letters are 2?

    I think there are some parts of talk.dat that are the same regardless of language. If that is true, then we can step though the text 1 byte at a time and compare the two bytes. If they are the same you move on if not you grab the ascii char from the eng, convert the acii char to english S-Jis, and then replace the jp char. The main downside to this is that if the english is longer then the actual japanese text then you will reach \x00 before the other string ends. I don't think you can make the file any larger or smaller (can you?). So, you would just have to leave it off.

    I haven't actually tried this so idk if it will work ... yah. But, I am making a program to do this, because there is no way someone would want to do this by hand. I'll tell of my failure later

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    Eighteen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by overlord32 View Post
    Hey guys I did everything exactly as you said but when the game starts just go to the presentation and then the screen goes black and crashes the system, deleted the unzipped folder and a new and redid the process and tranfiri the game to hd.

    note: I'm using 2.0 multiman cfw 3.55 all games normally run in hd

    I was reading about your problem, as I found out I had the exact same thing going on. I did everything from upgrading multiman, to re-re-re-ftping disgaea 4. Even the permissions set to 777 on folders and 666 on files, nothing worked, untill, noticed the patch creates the file ''START.DAT'' while the original file is called ''START.dat'' (Note the Capitals at the extension)

    First I thought it's not a big deal, until I accidentally putboth START.DAT and START.dat in the same folder on my ps3 and they didnt overwrite each other.. wich normally is impossible since they have the same name right?.. anyhoo, what the fix is, rename the START.DAT to START.dat and it will load, well at least for me it did.. if that doesn't work, try it with the 777 permission thing.

    And big thanks to the ppl who worked their butt's off for this patch, Nice job guys!!

    TL;DR: A fix to the black screen after the intro movie: Rename the modified ''START.DAT'' -> ''START.dat'' (it worked for me at least)

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    overlord32 Guest
    thank you friend was just that my God was desperately trying to 15 times the same procedures it was only thanks to changes DAT. dat

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Eighteen, mad thanks! It'll be fixed in nearest release. Didn't think it's going to be a problem

    And thnaks Alexmagno for the work! I'll look into it

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    okami29 Guest
    Just started the game with the patch, until now eveything works fine.

    Great job !

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I looked on the eboot.jce, thought it needed some translation, but no, it's all translated I was wondering how to translate endings properly, I thought it was something like "Emizel Ending: Defea Emizel" or "Bad Ending: Emizel" but couldn't figure out what's right. Props to you!

    Oh, and there's surely a lot more text?
    Noticed some of the GEO-symbols aren't translated (prob. some names are in eboot) and other things.

    Oh, and "Hela" is "Hell" (currency )

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    ShinLeopowa Guest
    thanks a lot, i get black screen too and i changed the DAT to dat and the game works perfect and translated REALLY THANKS A LOT its an awesome work guys!!!

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    IamAndy Guest
    OMG <3! thanks a lot guys! this means that the game is almost fully translated now right??!

    what should I do now to patch it ? I mean which file exactly should I download ??

    Thx again~

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It's not "fully" translated, most of it is translated though so you won't have any trouble understanding the game (my guess).

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