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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    awesome, thanks guys gonna give it a go tonite ^^

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HackSoul View Post
    Tidusnake666, could you please translate Sengoku Musou 3Z to english?? You could use the American Wii Version of Samurai Warriors 3 for a partial translation! Thanks!
    I was already working on it long before this disgaea translation.

    However since there is no english version it will take much, much longer.

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    overlord32 Guest
    my cfw is 3:55 now made ​​the whole process four more times and nothing transfer files from version ANM.DAT USA ANM_HI.DAT BG.DAT BU.DAT Dis3_0.dat and without copying anything over and also ran a final fantasy 13 for bluray clear cache and nothing too back in multiman installed it again and nothing and I can also run all my backups without any problem only want to play the most will not run.

    I'm almost expecting someone to launch torrent or elsewhere assembled here because the process is simple but do not know what is happening also did all the checking and unchecking patch.old to be created and nothing stirred in the settings also multiman and not found anything that could influence the Disgaea finally appreciate the help of all of the same heart I've been here in almost total despair.

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    Alexmagno Guest

    Eboot - Part 1

    overlord32: FTPing to PS3 requires you to change the file permissions from 664 to 777. Use the latest MultiMan as FTP server and FileZilla as your client.

    I've had a REALLY busy week, so i did almost no translation through it. Anyway, here's what has been dumped/translated so far.

    Anyone who knows about game/Japanese would be of great assistance.

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    elser1 Guest
    is this game any good anyways.. LOL

    whats is it that makes it worth so much time and effort.. prolly easier to learn jap

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    Signorelli Guest
    Elser1; most of us Disgaea fans had been waiting for Disgaea 4 to come out since 3 released Aug 2008. The game play mechanics of the Disgaea games are in a category of their own, and the unique gaming experience, on top of the comedic/crazy stories, make it one of the most fun games that can be played for hours.

    I know that I, personally, was quite upset to learn the Disgaea 4 was going to be 3.6+ and it is absolutely amazing that the members here were considerate and skilled enough to start a translation for us, so we can enjoy the game we waited almost two years for and keep our JB.

    So to answer your question: Yes.

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    HackSoul Guest
    Actually, Samurai Warriors 3 was released for Nintendo Wii in english lol The only difference is that there are a few more Story Modes. I can get help if you want! Lots of people want a translated version of this game!

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    Systmu Guest
    Wow. Thank you very much. This was a nice surprise this morning I really appreciate all the hard work of everyone involved. You should all feel very proud as you have done a wonderful thing. Thanks again.

    And Just to let you know I tested the patching tool with charhelpfix. It patched perfectly and loaded perfectly from external usb hard drive on jb 3.41. I did patch the param.sfo to 3.41 so I'm not sure what is wrong with the person having the problem as it is working perfectly here.

    Thanks again everyone. Btw Tidus what tools did you use to decrypt and encrypt the eboot.bin? can you you post that info and the command used to encrypt again? Thanks

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    overlord32 Guest
    alexmagno please where I make this change in permission 777 for I never did and always transfer and the games run 100% so please help me this game will not everyone else will 100%

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    Buttink Guest
    Hey, just found out that there are 2 byte english letters in jis its \x82 first byte range and so first take all chars from the english convert to 2 byte S-JIS then replace and done.

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