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    Tobster7 Guest
    I'm pretty sure they will because all the name patching is already finished. If you have an old save game with japanese character or senator names then you might have a problem. The talk.dat and the eboot.elf is not affected by this problem. I've a save game which I'm using for testing all the time. But you will see that the first loading takes a long time after a new patch is applied.

    The character "Emizel" causes a crash when looking at his status. Maybe a character description error (charhelp or magic). Also find some small bugs which can be fixed easily. I will check it and fix it later.

  2. #412
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I hope you guys put your names to the credit list of the game, hehe.

  3. #413
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Thanks Tobster for reply

    I've submitted news for announcement few hours ago, its still awaiting Boss approval.

    You'll all have ease access for alpha testing soon!

  4. #414
    Tobster7 Guest
    Crash fixed. Will upload the other fixes in one package.

    Tidus: We can use your patcher for hotfixes for Start.dat. It works very easy. I'm sure everybody can handle this.

  5. #415
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It's surely the best thing why I like it

  6. #416
    Tobster7 Guest
    Here's the only fix which is really important. The other small fixes wil be done if I have more time. I collect them and release a package of files.

    How can you help us?

    Please test our alpha and report any format issues, typos or even crashes (most important) here. But first read the posts please. Maybe "your" error is already known. It'll save time for you and us.

    We'll collect the errors, correct them and release new patched files.

  7. #417
    EvilSakray Guest
    Great jobs, i've been following this as a Ninja since the very begining, glad it's about to be out now

    I'm really bad at Hex editing and crap, so I hope patching process won't be too hard

    Yet I hope I can make a short video to illustrate your job (I'll make it from the 1st Chapter since tutorial aren't translated for obvious char limits right ?)

  8. #418
    Tobster7 Guest
    No dialogues are translated because of the japanese text engine yet. At the time we have no clue how to make a translation of talk.dat possible. We need to unterstand how the structure of the header is build. Maybe we'll find a solution.

    The rest can be translated and our team mate Alexmagno is working hard to translate all texts in the eboot.elf. There's a LOT of information stored.

  9. #419
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Again thanks for the work done!

    We're still waiting for Boss's approval for news, it shouldn't be long now, it's all that damn time zone shifts

    EDIT: Approved. Check HERE or the first post in topic. In some time, it'll also be on front page.

  10. #420
    Tobster7 Guest
    Just epic! The first patcher is out!

    EDIT: I'm in chapter 5 now. So 50% of the game works (for me).

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