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    O yeah, just a heads up I tested multiple times and old save files DO work after the patch as long as you RUN A NORMAL BLU RAY GAME FIRST then load disgaea 4 to clear the bd cache.

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    You guys are doing an amazing job. Can't wait for the release. You are already speaking about "testing" it. Though I don't see it anywhere. o.o hope it works out for you guys first.

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    It works. Wait for official announcement a bit later (although there's really nothing new for the people following us - only GUI patcher)

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    Yes but the patcher does all the work right?

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    Yes, it does!

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    you are really doing a wonderful job and so many like me with no doubt eagerly awaiting the launch of beta version Thanks for the grand effort of all.

    Sorry my english i am braziliam and many here are crazy about this game.

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    But first there will be the alpha. Alexmagno needs time to translate it and then validate it.

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    I could take a doubt because I got a translated file and changed the folder copied over START.DAT compress but when I enter the game and advance not see anything translated what I did wrong?

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    I have a question. Will the save files used in the beta patch, be usable with the patch updates (talk.dat etc)?

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    Disgaea 4 JAP Translation - ALPHA version patcher released!

    Today, a small group of enthusiasts - Tidusnake666, Tobster7 and Alexmagno here at have released a small English translation patch for Japanese version of Disgaea 4 - A Promise Unforgotten (BLJS-10095), so that anyone not skilled in Japanese can play game in *partially* English.

    What is nearly fully translated:
    • items
    • skills
    • magic
    • comitee
    • habitants
    • charhelp
    • dungeons
    • character names
    • status screens
    • GEO-effects


    What is partially translated:
    • menus
    • some system messages

    What is NOT translated:
    • game dialogues

    Currently, we are looking into a problem of translating dalogues, but have some difficulties. S-JIS characters are 2-bytes, and ANSI characters are 1-byte, so when we're trying to replace S-JIS with ANSI we have a lot of repeating letters, like "Vaallvvaattoorreezz!!". If you know how to fix it, please, let us know at PS3News.


    0. Make a backup of your Disgaea 4 JAP game (BLJS-10095), and place it somewhere, preferably on the root of the drive (there's no spacebar nor special chars problems, but it's more convinient this way), i.e - "C:\BLJS10095"

    1. Donwload patcher , extract it somewhere and run D4Trans.exe.

    2. Ensure "Patch START.DAT" is checked. You may also check "Patch EBOOT", this way you'll have English menus and some of the names translatedm but it's still experimental, although it should work fine. Without patching eboot, menus and some char names and system messages will be in Japanese (although items, skills, etc will be in English, it's only affecting menus and minor staff).

    3. CLick "START!" and choose location of your Disgaea 4 dump. Patcher has a lot of fool-proff functions, so it won't accidently patch the wrong version or mess your game

    NOTE: backups will be created: "START.OLD" and "EBOOT.OLD" (If you choose to patch it). Please, do NOT delete them, it may be required in future, although you can always dump your game once again.

    4. Wait till everything finishes, and you'll get "Done!" message. You can now copy your game back and play it partially in English!

    4* If you want English cutscenes and Main Menu, you may overwrite your's Japanese "ANM.DAT", ANM_HI.DAT", "BG.DAT", "BU.DAT", "Dis3_0.dat" with US version equivalents (if you happen to also have an US version of the game)

    NOTE: It's better to start New game, this way it'll have maximum stability. If you're using old game saves over patched version you may experience some crashes.

    NOTE2: If you haven't saw any changes after patching the game, please reboot PS3, start any BD-Game (to clear the game cache) till the main menu, exit and try to load Disgaea 4 again.

    NOTE3: It's still WIP, if you know/want to help us, or just say "thanks!" please do so at, we'll be glad!

    SPECIAL THANKS to Kazekeil (for his helping hand in translation), Bakaboy (for awesome D4Pack), leenfox and neckroziel (for some file translations).


    - Game might hang when lookins at Emizel stat screen - SOLUTION: unpack contents of attachments to your D4Trans\MOD\START directory (overwriting existing "charhelp.dat")

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