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    Senior Member Tobster7's Avatar
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    Maybe it's better to do so (espacially when you are living in the USA). In my country (Germany) the "copyright mafia" hasn't corrupt our judicial system that much. To pay a fine of millions of dollars for some shared files is absolutely perverted and pure evil. In Germany everything is better...
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    We all appreciate your work, but when will we be able to play this approximately??


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    When it's done ! We have no release date, but we do what we can!
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    Hey I created an account just to say how much I appreciate the effort. I think a lot of the users would prefer just a simple patch to overwrite the other data files.

    I don't think 600 mb will make much of a difference as that is relatively small for everyone who is on broadband these days. It would be more of a hassle to have to find the different scene releases and then mix and match files.

    Thanks for hard work. Cheers!

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    I know and I'm sure everybody is greatful for what you guys are doing, but would it take days or weeks ??

    Any Idea? Sorry don't mean to be rude

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobster7 View Post
    When it's done ! We have no release date, but we do what we can!
    You're awesome!

    For the beta version (pretty much everything except the story part - dialogues) you need to wait week at most (I think)

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    I didn't know if you'd be able to release the updated files as the whole game itself. It's only infringement if the people downloading it do not already own the game. As long as you put some type of document stating that this is simply released as a back up modification to the original game and is in no way intended to be used for pirating, you could probably get away with it. Just gotta find the right wording.

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    Really I don't know and I can't speak for my team mates. There're 3 files left. One big, one medium and the eboot is medium - big. And there's the talk.dat... (but it' wont be part of the beta).

    EDIT: I see Tidus was faster.

    I have an idea. I will translate only some parts of the talk.dat in 4-bytes Jis letters like the "Hello welcome to Rosenqueen item shop" and the tutorials for the beta. But i'm sure the text has to be shorten to fit in the lines (if it's longer cashes may occur)

    I will translate these parts by hand for the beta.
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    Great idea! Just in case you need, I've digged something.

    "00 01" seems like a pointer to new line of dialogue (when it's between text)

    and "B0 XX .." seems like a pointer to the next mesage..or something like this

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    It's nearly impossible to translate the tutorials in 4-bytes SJIS letters because of the limitation of characters per line. Exapmple "Each character can equip up to one weapon and three equipment items" has over 60 characters but I can use only 23. Even "Equipment 1 weapon 3 gear" is too long. How should I explain more complex things like geo effect, item world etc with only 4 or 5 words? Geo effect color panel - effect on panel on char - destroy a geo all destroyed? This kind of explanation is totally useless...

    Maybe we should copy all tutorials of the english talk.dat file in one ".txt" (as short explanation)? Or forget it and let it be as it is?


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