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  1. #291
    Tobster7 Guest
    So magic.dat is complete now. It took more effort than expected. But it works now and the structure is exactly like the jap. one (because I c&p it into).

    There're two thing to mention about magic.dat:
    1. It is possible to display both the source boxes and the ":" correctly (example: Fist:[source] blabla - look at pictures). But it whould take a LOT of hand editing to do this. So I decided to display the ":" properly and take the source boxes out because these boxes are not important. The info is shown in the skill info panel too (I marked this on the 2nd picture). I did this because of display glitches.
    2. For ":" I used 4-byte SJIS letters all other are 2-byte letters.

    We should release a beta, but there're two things to do first:

    1. Fixing the problem letters:

    "." is displayed corretly. Nothing has to be done.
    "," "!" "?" ":" are not displayed at all. Instead there's one "space". It could be done using 4-byte SJIS letters. With auto search & paste this very easy to do.
    " ' " makes display errors. It could be done using 4-byte SJIS letters. BUT it couldn't be done by auto pasting. You have to do it by hand (best display result but extreme effort). We can replace it by a "space" (Hex: 20). This can be done by auto pasting. Looks like this: We'll -> We ll or don't -> don t

    What solution should we take? I whould take the fast solution.

    2. We should make a very short pre-beta test and check all of our files. If everything is alright we can release the beta without the talk.dat.

  2. #292
    okami29 Guest
    Great job ! I am waiting for the beta to help you find the bugs.

    Keep going !

  3. #293
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Tobster7, awesome work! Have you tried using ` (tilda) for ' ?

    And I think we need to take fast solution, who knows how much time talk.dat will take.

    I need help with eboot. Basicaly, I've reached the point of my jap knowledge, and moved to the area, where my edits are doing only worse, as there are many phrazes which can have a lot of meaning or completely don't make sense for me.

    I release decrypted and edited eboot for someone to grab and continue editing. After then, post it back and I'll encrypt it (lost a few hours of my life trying to figure out how to encrypt/decrypt correctly).

    Just a notice: there should be at least two zero bytes ('00 00') between words in eboot, so save space!

    I've translated "Settings", in-game menu (with Help), partially combat menu (except for "Move" and "Status" commands, which are somwhere in the eboot not with other commands) - with Help and some errors in translation; status screen and "Game progress", some warnings and some other small things, but still there's a lot to do and achieve, which can't be done without both language knowledge and playing Disgaea 4.

    I'll try shamaning on talk.dat

  4. #294
    Tobster7 Guest
    I tested it with different letters for '. It doesn't work. Also tested other letters. I made a picture.

  5. #295
    Alexmagno Guest
    Hey guys, i'll be busy over the weekend so if anyone else is eager to get mskill.dat, go ahead. I'm almost done reviewing my files and found no mistakes so far. Other than that, we're only lacking more testing and the 2 missing "boss" files. I'd say go for it when we have all but talk.dat.

  6. #296
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Okay, thanks for the illustration.

    Just do it the easy way, I think, it's not worth the effort. Replace those ' with spaces, ? and ! with 4-byte S-JIS

  7. #297
    Tobster7 Guest
    I will do the following replacements when all our files are checked and finished (with every file):

    letter ":" 3A20 to 8146

    letter "!" 2120 / 2100 to 8149 (! can at the end of the line [2100] or before a "space" [2120])

    letter "?" 3F20 / 3F00 to 8148 (like the !)

    letter "," 2c00 to 8143

    letter " ' " 27 to 20 (changed to a "space" = we'll to we ll)

    The letter " can't be changed by auto pasting. I leave it as it is. It won't be displayed (a "space" will be shown instead). By the Way this letter isn't used very often.

    I tried it with magic.dat and mitem.dat. All letters are displayed now (except " and '). I'll take some photos later. It looks very good and complete now!

  8. #298
    DarkHeroX Guest
    will the game work on 3.41 ??

  9. #299
    Kazekeil Guest
    Sorry about charhelp taking a while guys. A lot's been going on lately. I'll be able to work on it a bit more today, but I may just have to end up doing it by hand. Even using a pointer check in the program, the translating fails at a very early entry (~26 of 289 iirc)

  10. #300
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHeroX View Post
    will the game work on 3.41 ??
    Definetely. I've patched eboot to work on 3.41 and will sign with that keys.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazekeil View Post
    Sorry about charhelp taking a while guys. A lot's been going on lately. I'll be able to work on it a bit more today, but I may just have to end up doing it by hand. Even using a pointer check in the program, the translating fails at a very early entry (~26 of 289 iirc)
    It's OK, seems like everyone was having a rough end of this week.
    We have only a couple of files to do, except for talk.dat, we truly made a lot, working on it in spare time and by so few men.

    Alexmagno, I'm grabbing mskill.dat then, IDK how much time I'll have free this weekend, but It'll be done I'd ask your help with eboot (uploaded before) when you'll be free, as you're more skilled with japanese and have a better expirience in Disgaea games

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