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    Will do. I'll just relinquish responsibility for mskill. There's no way I can get a proper script for it before someone here could just translate it by hand.

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    I'll grab mskill.dat then.

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    *Off Topic* Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

    Hey, there is upcoming another great game I really like to play, it's called Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

    We propably having the same problem like with Disgaea 4. There is JPN release which runs perfectly on 3.55 KMEAW, if there wouldnt be the problem with the language.

    Do you think there would be a way to fix this game like Disgaea? Its going to be realased on 27th September.

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    If it runs on CFW, then most likely yes, we can Hack it to work, if we have similar tools to the ones we got here (Unpacker, Decrypter, Encrypter, Repacker).

    If not it may not be possible at first depending on how the game file structure was designed. Someone would have to figure out the structure and encryption.

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    Done. Just done some S-JIS -> ASCII conversions and some overwrites from official translation.

    The curious thing on this file is the use of an omega (greek letter, Hex Code 0x83B6) instead of regular space (Hex Code 0x20) in most songs.

    The only ones who do have regular space are those that had Japanese titles and were translated to English, and even in some of those we see omegas instead of spaces. Weird.

    We're more than halfway there guys! (Talk.dat really is the big main file).
    Moving to reviewing tomorrow and after that is done, i'll do mskill.dat

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    Alexmagno: What are you? Maybe a human translation machine? It's pretty amazing...

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    Just someone who has a lot of free time and likes Disgaea.

    I have over 3000 hours clocked on the previous 3 games, and i've got them all original too (including this D4).

    That said and done, i took up this project since i've been interested in doing this for a while since it helps me with both Japanese, Programming and Hacking (i'm also a college student majoring in Computing Science atm), so it's a win-win-win situation for me, and everyone else who wants to run it lol.

    It helps that i can actually translate the files while in class too, and that my job has been relatively easy these last few months.

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    How do I execute NISUnpack.jar on windows 7? I'm really new to this stuff and extremely confused.

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    easiest thing is to just write a batch file.

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    Thank you, I got it to work I had a problem with Java but its fine now. I have another question, i just replaced the files in start.dat and ran the game fine but after loading my save data it crashed on a black screen. Any suggestions? Also, if it helps, when i replaced the old start.dat the new one was slightly smaller.

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