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    Nope Maximum what can be achived - the first "Loading..." screen, where everything hangs.
    No luck messing with 1.60 Jap Update either ...

    Seems like a dead end.

    For anyone who interested - almost every file in jap and US version is identcal - the biggest difference - START.DAT file, which contains some textures and texts. US Start.DAT has 15 more files then JAP one (when decompressed).

    Who wants to try - you're welcome

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    This is correct. The JAP Start.bin contains 450 and the US Start.bin 462 files. How do you repack them to complete .dat files? I use NISUnpack.jar to unpack it but I don't have any tools to put them back together. Here is my suggestion:

    You use the japanese version of the game as the base version and replace every data in the every dat file with the english ones if possible. You should get a "more translated" version of the japanese game. It's not perfect but I think it whould be playable. The other way around with the english as base will not be possible.

    How do I put the unpacked files together to .dat files?

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    The same question, that bothered me. I couldn't do it. If there could be a way, then with trial and error we could possibly create something.

    I have tried using a japanese version as a base one, and replace only US Start.dat. Theoretically, as US Start.dat has more files, there shouldn't be a problem, but in practice we have a never-ending loading loop

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    There was an loading/black screen error with White Knight Chronicles™ which I can/could (WIP) fix. So I'm going to grab that two games (USA & ASiA) and see what I can do.

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    For the japanese version of Disgaea 4 you have to download the Caravan release (because it runs on cfw 3.55). Do not use the Asia release (ofw 3.66). I can give you mediafire links for the japanese Version if you like?

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    Hey people,

    I just wanna thank you for working on a solution to run this awesome game.

    If you're really able to get this game working, I would like to donate something for your epic work.

    Keep the good work up!

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    Well, good luck!

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    If it's possible, keep us informed about what you're doing - I can jump in and help

    Oh, I can say - I conquered black screen so far:

    1) Grab Japanese version as a base - BJLS10095
    2) Replace START.DAT (BJLS10095\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\data\START.DAT) with an US equivalent one (BLUS30727)
    3) Game starts, reminds about update (ignore it, as it's 3.60), - game goes to loading screen, few minutes it loads something (external HDD blinks), after a few moments HDD stops to blink, but the "Loading..."
    screen continues infinitely

    It's the closest I could get, trying diffirent variations.

    .DAT files can be unpacked via NISUnpacker, and further decrypted with NISDecomp.

    Good luck, I'll try to play with asia version too.

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    So the target is to make out of the Disgaea 4 ASiA (<3.55 EBOOT.BIN) an English version with the new iMARS release ? From where did you get the unpacker and decrypter ?

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    NISUnpack grab here:

    java -jar NISUnpack.jar -LE [FILE]
    NISDECOMP here:

    Yes, it would seem as the most logical option here.

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