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  1. #161
    Tobster7 Guest
    Tomorrow "wish.dat" will be finished. At this time I have two wishes which don't have english counter parts. So I need some help from our skilled japanese speakers to translate them. There're maybe more wishes that need to be translated...

    A Titel has two parts: It has a titel (Create more powerful enemies) and a description (Makes enemies more powerful). Please take a look at the picture.

  2. #162
    overlord32 Guest
    Tidus Taken did everything looks right but where is the uncompressed file? Tried 20 different ways, look the image could anyone help?

  3. #163
    Tobster7 Guest
    overlord32: The start.dat has to be inside the folder where the NISUnpack is. I made simple screeshot. It's very simple. Then you get a folder named START. There are the files.

  4. #164
    Alexmagno Guest
    I've found out that the name order in MapEditMap.dat is slight different from the japanese order, so i'm now checking and re-translating to see if i missed any other such mismatches.
    Posting it after review. In case of conflicting order, i'll stick with the Japanese one.

    Also, I'm giving myself the liberty to retranslate things that were not done properly by NISA. As of now, i only changed the "Mentor" to "Familiar" in
    the RelatedChart.dat since Mentor does not make sense considering the role and flavor text, and the fact that it clearly says 使い魔, Tsukaima, which is Familiar in Japanese.

    I'll also do a big review on every file to look for inconsistencies/incorrect translations/pointers when everyone is done/i have extra free time.

    overlord32: Using portuguese to convey better the message. 3 possibilidades-

    1-Veja se o arquivo (NISUnpack.jar) não está bloqueado. Abra as propriedades dele e veja se tem a opção "desbloquear" em segurança.
    2-Se estiver desbloqueado, tente executar o prompt de comando como administrador, caso já não esteja usando assim.
    3-Você está digitando errado, ou está no endereço errado. Provalvelmente é esse o caso. Você tem de rodar o programa do local onde está o start.dat, não da pasta executável do java.
    Se o start.dat estiver, por exemplo, no diretório C:\Disgaea\PS3_GAME\Data\ é nesta pasta que você tem de colocar o nisupack.jar e é dela que você tem de rodar o comando pra extrair os arquivos. Se ainda estiver tendo dificuldades, faço um programa só pra você, se for o caso.

    Tobster7: It seems キャラヘルプを作りたい translates into "I want to create character help". The description: "Let's you modify character help". Translating literally. Probably means some part of the game has character descriptions, like in a status window or in the character list and this will let you modify that.

    As for 伝統焚禍を継承したい I'm not clear on the meaning, but it seems to be on the lines of "I want to inherit the evil-burning tradition". The description says something on the lines of allowing Kanji in the names.

    Kazekiel: Well, yeah, the basis for the program is: copy header+footer, find a difference pattern between the 2 files, then let the software modify the EN file to adapt it to the constraints of the JP one. It probably means that some things you thought were a pattern, weren't a pattern after all, and also one of the reasons I decided to manually translate each file in the end instead of automatizing, the other being mistranslations/missing stuff between versions.

  5. #165
    Tobster7 Guest
    Alexmagno: Thank you for your help. I'm very glad to have someone like you in our team!

  6. #166
    rikukh3 Guest
    I want to create character help.

    Customize/change character help.

    I want to inherit the traditional culture. //焚禍=文化 wordplay

    Makes possible to use traditional Kanji in names.

  7. #167
    Tobster7 Guest
    rikukh3: Thank you very much. Now it makes sense and explains why this wish isn't in the english version.

  8. #168
    overlord32 Guest
    Alexmagno just did everything I asked, the file is unlocked NISUnpack to time, put it together as start.dat in a folder and ran the command and the only error, I try to play as Tidus said the java.exe files and folder only see the folders and the error please upload only item star.dat please

  9. #169
    Tobster7 Guest
    overlord32: I will send you a download link to a modifed START.dat. The file is ready to use. You only have to overwrite the START.dat with the original one. You can get some crashes in the first level. This Bug will be fixed soon. I will send you a private message with the link.

    EDIT: You have to overwrite the old one with the new one of course (I switched it).

  10. #170
    rikukh3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobster7 View Post
    rikukh3: Thank you very much. Now it makes sense and explains why this wish isn't in the english version.
    This kanji-name-writing thing costs 500 mana and not easy to get approved. And it changes characters name input system a little, you may encount some bugs at this point since you insert text from english version.

    And 'character help', if I remember correctly, allows you to write your own stuff in characters description.

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