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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Hey, I fixed the crashing if you put SJis letters in it. The soltion is that if the jap text has two lines of text you only can overwrote that two lines. But the lines can be longer than the jap version. We only have to fix the , and . issue (try and error will do the job). Then we can write a small script which translate normal text (english) into the SJIS text which can be pasted directly into jap talk.dat.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Using S-Jis letters takes 2-bytes per letter, reducing the amount of text per line. We'll have to mess with the japanese font.ffm file using either font.lzs to correct formatting issues.

    I'd advise that, outside of crashing issues, we keep our focus on translation.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Of course we should translate the small files first. This works very good for all menu texts outside of dialog boxes. But the big talk.dat will still be problem because of the format. Maybe for this file it's better to have a solution for displaying the text correctly before we complety translate it. But we can try to alter the font.ffm first and see if we can use 2-bytes letters instead of 4-bytes somehow.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    After char.dat translation and swapping name.dat, one of the chars remains untranslated. Where the hell is it?
    I think it's the product of our name.dat swap, as non-main character names are there

    EDIT: I figured, it's name is in eboot.elf (OMG NIS Coders), swapping name.dat makes wonders. It should be just swapped untouched - japanese header with US text gives real crap

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    overlord32 Guest
    Please use the tool as I NISUnpack? I click it and nothing, which is java installed everything, unzipped it and not know what needs to be done, I want to unpack START.DAT order to test these changes please help me please for the love of thank deus.Muito

    sorry my English i am Brazil.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I'll take MapEditShop.dat for today's evening

    Edit: MapEditShop seems to have different structure, needs to be translated by someone with jap knowledge better than mine

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    Tobster7 Guest
    MapEditShop isn't so much important because it's a PSN feature. With a cfw it's almost impossible to use that kind of internet service now. Sony has closed this loop hole.

    EDIT: overlord32: The command is (command line): java -jar NISUnpack.jar -LE start.dat

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    overlord32 Guest
    Tidus did exactly the command line, but there is an error saying it can not find where I put it NISUnpack.jar? Went on to run on windows and prompt this error all the time is another tool to unpack. Dat? Thank you, would you please upload date with the items and char please please tidus god bless you.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Sorry, I have slow upload speed because of ISP and I'm going to bed right now, it's late here

    You may try following:
    0. Copy NISUnpack.jar to the folder where is START.DAT (ex. C:\BJLS10095\PS3_GAME\data\START.DAT)
    1. Locate where is Java installed (ex. C:\program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe), remember this path
    2. run cmd.exe and navigate to folder where is NISUnpack and Start.dat (it can be done with command "cd C:\BJLS10095\PS3_GAME\data\START.DAT")
    3. execute command with full path ("C:\program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\java.exe" -jar NISUnpack.jar -LE START.DAT)

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    Kazekeil Guest
    Sorry about errors in the item dat guys

    It's weird because the header and individual weapons/names all follow the same pattern for both files, but the footer in the english file is MUCH longer(3-4x as long iirc). Any clue alexmongo? I can post the source i for need to see it. Or just tell you like copy blah blah for header, skip blah blah, pad blah blah etc.

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