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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Kazekeil Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkHeroX View Post
    Hi ^^ one more question will the trophys be translated as well ??
    Pretty sure they can be. The trophy files can be edited directly in a text editor.

    That's not the main priority here though, so I'm assuming that will come later.

    Night guys, good progress today. I'm putting a few last touches on magic.dat to get the font looking right, will release tomorrow.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Awesome progress guys, you made my morning About those fonts: I had messed with them a few days ago.

    Hybriting english FFM and japanese LZS or anything is a no go. This files should remain JAP. But, you can edit Font.FFM directly. I tried replacing the first block of A.B.C.D.E.F.... with something like Q.W.E.R.T... and it really worked, so it can be changed.

    Another thing was trying to hex edit those A.B.C.D.... from single byte (50 "A") to JIS (8281 "A"), hoping it would remove double characters in talk.dat. But in the end, game found this block corrupted (I think) and loaded the second block of A.B.C.D. (you can see something like ID byte before each this block, which I think means it's number - look closely "00", "01", "02" etc.), so there were no changes.

    About that ' thing. I'm preety sure the problem is a game thinks 't in game is a single japanese character

    About User*, seems I was mistaken, there's no japanese equivalent, sorry.... But that means few files less to translate!

    Kazekeil, Were you using an US version as a base? Japanese version doesn't have an ??? Fist item, so your file is slightly longer, but I checked every item headers and names they match (!). So, offsets are broken, but headers are right (apart from extra items). Maybe there're anoher extra files. Also, footer (ending) of the files do not match. Seems strange. Maybe this won't matter. We can always remove something extra.

    Otherwise, good work! Also, the second byte in Jap file is D3 and you have D9.

    But, as I see "Sardines" work, so that's okay

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    Alexmagno Guest
    I'll get mapeditmap, charpersonal and music today.

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    necroziel Guest
    i'll do habit. dat

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    Kazekeil Guest
    Like I said, I'm making a program that converts the english file to a japanese file with english text. I'm still using the jap version as a base, but english files are being converted. I was a bit confused with the footer because the english one is quite different from the japanese one. The one in my mitem.dat is actually the japanese footer iirc, but the header is from the english version, although that doesn't seem to matter.

    All my files are made by finding the pattern the files use. Therefore editing out ??? Fist should be as easy as deleting the block it's in according to the rules for that file, but as you've said, the item headers all match up, so I'm sure the game will just act like ??? fist doesn't exist, so doing that would be moot. I can go in and change the file header to it's japanese equivalent to match the footer, but it is still working. Maybe it might be causing the 2nd stage crash though? I'll try it when I get home from school today.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    Hi guys, I have a lot of good news for you:

    1. I have Solution for the formatting error with letters (example: "yyoouu" to "you")
    2. We have the correct apostrophe now (look at the screenshot)
    3. I know what caused the crash in the first stages

    I also tried different methods for removing the double space. If you look at the screenshots the space is not doubled. It has the exact lenght of any Kanji. Maybe we will find a letter which is transparent and has the lenght of a normal letter. This whould improve the looking. But is this really so much important?

    3. I did a lot of testing and the black sheep is the mitem.dat. All other .dat work fine. The bug is caused by this: In every stage there is a "item bonus" which is generated randomly at the start of the stage. Some items don't have a proper formatting so the game crashes randomly if it tries to load those items into the item bonus. This explains why the crash happens only sometimes and not ever. We have to fix the mitem.dat.

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    zideeq Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobster7 View Post
    Hi guys, I have a lot of good news for you....
    Awesome! Sorry to butt in but you guys are doing a great job! If I had any clue about this translating business I'd be helping, anyway, I have to go drop my family up north... sigh... see ya!

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    Tobster7 Guest
    I have made some translation on the first dialog. It's looks good. There are some small issues with , and . and the formatting isn't perfect. The Game crashes two dialogs later. Maybe I put to much text in it but I'm sure we will fix this (maybe the header has to be changed too somewhere to make more text possible).

    Instead of normal letters I used the SJis letters. That's the trick.

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    Tobster7 Guest
    EDIT: Because of my exam preparations (learning, learning ...) I will have to make a small pause for the nexts day. But I will be back!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Tobster7 thanks for your awesome help!

    I've finally translated char.dat - there were everything - beginning from "book" and ending final boss' parts. I'm sure it's okay. There were dummy data (japanese "dummy" and "extra") I left alone because it isn't needed in actual game (I think). There maybe some typos, though.

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