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  1. #131
    Tobster7 Guest
    The game is a jap version. We hacking the jap files to translate the game. You will have jap save games.

    EDIT: There is one important thing. If you use an old save game (before our hacks) some things won't be translated (Names etc)

  2. #132
    Alexmagno Guest
    Have you guys tried using the english font.lzs?

  3. #133
    DarkHeroX Guest
    the main character name will be translated ?

  4. #134
    Tobster7 Guest
    Alexmagno: If you replace the font.lzs no letters will be displayed. The game expects letters encoded in SJIS. But I tried this before our hacks. Maybe by changing the letters the new font.lzs will be accepted. I will try it and report.

  5. #135
    Alexmagno Guest
    I tried and it displyed garbage. Trying with the ffm as well now.

  6. #136
    Tobster7 Guest
    I have put everything we have done together and it looks pretty good. Here are some screenshots for you. We are on the right track! I replaced the english name.dat too and it worked.

    There's something we have to fix:

    1. There's a crash on the second Level right after the stage selection. We have to find out which file causes the crash and fix it. I'm sure there is a small formatting error in one file.
    2. The apostrophe thing but there are different solutions for this.
    3. The first Tutorial main stage name is not shown in english but the sub stages are right. I'm sure the name is in the eboot.elf (by the way there are ALL the menu texts, Geo info, item bonus, Combat info inside too).

  7. #137
    Alexmagno Guest
    Yeah, after messing with the ffm, it's definitely the one file that can fix the character issues (missing apostrophes, double spacing etc.).
    I copied the top of the english font.ffm onto the japanese font.ffm and got actual letters showing up now, but with very bad spacing issues.
    After we finish the translation we'll have to experiment with that file.

    Edit: Using Jap font.ffm with eng top part of font.ffm and eng font.lzs

  8. #138
    Kazekeil Guest
    charPersonal and charhelp look like they have a pattern to them.

    ...Magic works near perfectly. Will upload once I'm done testing.

    Also, to confirm, I'm getting a crash on second level also. It's either caused by items(which I doubt) or GE.dat, at least I think so. I'll test that when I go to test my magic.dat.

  9. #139
    Alexmagno Guest
    Well, i'm done for today. I'll do more files tomorrow.


  10. #140
    DarkHeroX Guest
    Hi ^^ one more question will the trophys be translated as well ??

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