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Thread: Disgaea 4 PS3 Translation / Fix Project WIP

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Updated the first page! Check there for the latest info!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Great progress, would be awesome if you guys release it with an official announcement that it's done from, would be a very advertisement !

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It'll be, just a little bit longer. The main dialogue part "talk.dat" is very big and it'll be the last one we translate (it seems to me, but the powerfull user skalmanman said, that he's translating it with his roommate, and maybe he'll end up even ahead of us). When the most part of the game (skills, items, magic, chars, other helpful info) will be translated, we'll release something "beta". But that's just mine opinion.

    We're waiting a huge WIP -> "Complete" upload by Alexmagno tonight (4 or 5 files), also other users have their hands full helping - Kazekeil and Tobster7 and just need a little more time.

    My progress on char.dat is 40% complete, all main characters and all monster names, classes, translated (there were alot of them), the one thing that remains is in most parts, NPC names.

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    skalmanman Guest
    We've made pretty good progress so far on talk.dat; I reckon we might have a test version ready for you guys in a day or two

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    winsbydefault Guest
    Just to make sure, if im hex editing the files from jap to english that I dont overuse the space correct? Example, from the tutorial, editing "Valvatorez" uses less space in eng versus japanese so I can fill in the space with 0's. But if its too long in eng versus japanese if I go over the space allowed that bad right?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    2skalmanman: you're really hero. No kidding

    2winsbydefault: I don't know 100% sure, but I can say, if it's a little bit - that's okay. Seems like NIS added extra space on purpose - to allow long strings, so it should be okay, unless it's so big, that it'll touch the next string pointer - I've tested some files and they're alive and kicking. In example, Valvatorez's class "Prinny INstructor" is longer than original jap., but it works awesomely

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    Kazekeil Guest
    I'll have another look at it. I redid mitem.dat before bed last night and it looked legitimate. Just got back from school so I can test it real quick. Wont be able to work on anything new till 7:30ish(4.5 hours) because I have karate.

    Also, I'm no longer using notepad++. I'm making individual programs to convert each file.

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    Kazekeil Guest
    I'm pushing this as a final mitem.dat translation. I fixed a few counting issues and copied the footer correctly.

    Upon playing, you'll find that strings containing contractions will be a bit odd. "'t" in "Don't"s appear as some japanese character, and "'l"s in "you'll"s are replaced by a space and result in the entire string being lengthened. I believe this is due to the game's font files, because teh entries are perfectly fine in the edited file (do a search for Makeshift Bow, Oven Mitts, or Wannabe Axe)

    So I thouroughly believe the items file to be completely translated. It will only be perfect when we find a way to get those contractions to work.

    Looking through mskill, it uses a different setup and may take me a little while to figure out and code in all the patterns. I think there are 4-5 different patterns in there. I will probably finish today though if I can find time.

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Here are some more files.

    Those are still untested, need volunteers to mess with them in a PS3, since i practically can't do it during the week.

    P.S.: The User*.dat files are only present in the English version. Anyone knows if they have a JP version equivalent?

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    Alexmagno Guest
    Tobster7: I never really tried using copy+paste in MadEdit after i first tried and it broke the sequence, as you described. I actually manually typed in what needed to be typed, since i was only working with small files.

    As i am progressing into bigger ones, i can see how this would be a problem for people using copy paste via editor instead of automatizing the process through a program, so if you're using copy+paste stick to WindHex.

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