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  1. #91
    Kazekeil Guest
    I think I might'e got it, I need to test. Once I can tell it's working I'll work on getting the entire thing done in school tomorrow.

  2. #92
    Alexmagno Guest
    Nameplate done. Doing User*.dat MinistryMap.dat and TortureNegotiation.dat

    Dungeon.dat apparently worked after rebuild. At least the first stage shows Basic Controls.

  3. #93
    Kazekeil Guest
    You're using your little program to do these right?

    I think I'll make my own version in java if you haven't done them all by tomorrow ^_^

  4. #94
    Alexmagno Guest
    Actually i'm doing them by hand. Those under 4k you can do in 5 mins. tops. The program isn't that helpful because NISA did not translate some stuff, so it desyncs at those points and i'd have to put a check for it. It'd be too much work for nothing really.

    I'll think about implementing one for the real heavy duty files, like the script (which will probably not work too, due to text size differences).

    The way i see it, we will definitely complete all the small stuff, but the dialogue probably won't be completed without ASM Hacking and a VWF.

  5. #95
    Kazekeil Guest
    It looks like mitem would work with a program, of course I don't know if there will be any desyncs. I'm going to change up your source and try to use it for the items dat.

  6. #96
    Alexmagno Guest
    MinistryMap.dat done, tomorrow i'll finish the user* and upload all those.

    After that i'll take all files under 18KB and finish those. GTG for today, GL guys, and keep it up.

    Kazekeil: Hope that works for you

  7. #97
    Kazekeil Guest
    I did it. Items are done.

    Haven't tested extensively, but starting weapons are all there...hell yea. Working on skills next, help me test this out. Some of the text is messed up, I think I know what I did, I'll work on it tomorrow, but this is just a poc for now.

    Just cracked zukan. About to test..

  8. #98
    Kazekeil Guest
    Going to bed. I'm 99.999% I did zukan properly, but it still has no effect on the beginning of the game. I was unable to save earlier, so I can't test with character creation. Geo Effects SHOULD work, again haven't tested.

  9. #99
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Thanks a lot to those who participate for your help! Together it won't be long till we play the game in english!

    I'm going to continue work on CHAR.DAT tonight, but can't be sure I'll finish it - it's a big file (500+ KB)? the second largest and I try to check every line I edit with my little japanese knowledge. I just hope playing this game is as fun as translating and hacking it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kazekeil View Post
    ... it still has no effect on the beginning of the game. I was unable to save earlier, so I can't test with character creation. Geo Effects SHOULD work, again haven't tested.
    I give you a piece of advise - before trying your new patches - run any game from your BD (I run Enchanted arms). Just load it, wait till the startup screen then exit. This will clear the cache. And when you mount and run Disgaea 4 later on, the game will unpack your newly patched START.DAT and not load the old cached version.

  10. #100
    Tobster7 Guest
    I have a small problem with copy and paste in MadEdit. Everytime I want to past my text in the JAP file it pastes it before the Kanji and don't overwrite them. That shifts the whole file at this point and leads to file corruption of course. Other Hex-Editors don't do this but they have no Shift Jis support.

    How do I fix this in MadEdit?

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