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Thread: Discover the Sony PKG file structure.

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    gunna35 Guest
    Yeah, I see your point. I know I said that this activation thing isn't going to be possible but I'm in the process right now of testing out a concept I had to do with the backup and restore functionality of the ps3 just to see what I can come up with.

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    B4tm4n Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ps3freak View Post
    are the pkg files made by a mac with PackageMaker?
    No they are not, I tried to open one up a while back with no luck.

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    discobill Guest
    ive had a thought for a while, is it silly to compare a pkg downloaded from the ps store with one that is also available on disc? such as say ps1 games?

    however the downloaded games are quite compressed so it may not work, compressing one a while ago with 7z at ultra compression actually ended up with a larger file..

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    pspcrazy Guest
    i thought that pkg files where self installing files but only for mac

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    anat23 Guest


    hey guys you know recently we can download psp games via pc from psn but it comes non eboot.pbp format. it comes xpd formatted small sized file when we open that xpd file with psn downloader downloadin a pkg file extracting that put in psp as a pbp format this is strange so that psn downloader can decrypt pkg files when we opened xpd file with notepad we got some information like that.
    Desc=Ridge Racer™2 Demo
    LID=your account name
    i think that file contains decryption information may be we can find a way decrypting psp succesfully. one thing more you can install that pkg to ps3 succesfully but when you attempt to play game ps3 will tray put that in psp.

    may be ps3 network games in pbp format. i hope that information would be useful.

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    Nemis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gunna35 View Post
    Unfortunately guys the pkg files themselves do not actually contain the information for locked or unlocked. I downloaded tekken 5 using the proxy method and as a result ended up with the copyright information invalid message. I then paid for the game and when i went to download it said activating please wait. After the activating screen I immediately got out of ps store and cancelled the download and ran the game and it worked straight away. I was logging all file downloads during that time with ps3 proxy and ethereal to monitor packets and saw no file downloads. as a result i believe the activation is done via a script in ps store that sets a flag in the ps3's registry.. not by modifying files.
    but some data must be logged, so try log eyecreate activation:

    Edit: A guide is also located here now:

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    ghowden Guest


    The 16 bytes from 0x60 happen to be the QA_Digest from when the .pkg was made, or at least in the couple I have tried making.

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