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    Apr 2005

    DevkitPRO PS3 Addons v0.03 BETA with PSL1GHT V2 Arrives

    Today Miigotu has announced that DevkitPRO PS3 Addons v0.03 BETA with PSL1GHT V2 has arrived, which includes a Windows installer for PlayStation 3 developers.

    Download: DevkitPRO Addons v0.03 for PS3

    To quote: The DevKit PRO has been put together by tons of his work as well as from the work of others particularly in PSL1GHT sources, of course. Well, that's how the all new PSL1GHT-V2 comes to light.

    [01:08] its a devkit with psl1ghtv2, using an installer on windows
    [01:08] psl1ght-v2 we are still working to port some things
    [01:09] but the rest is rock solid

    To make it clear this is an excerpt from DevkitPRO-Addons git.

    This project aims to create a set of addons for devkitPRO, to be released in an installer application for windows and possibly linux later.

    A customized install of mingw right inside the devkitpro folder and preconfigured, for compiling or cross compiling in new toolchains or tools.

    DevkitPS3 comprising of :
    PPU toolchain
    SPU toolchain
    PPU Extended Libraries
    SPU Extended Libraries

    These compnents are based on on shakgur's toolchain script which was refined from ooPo's ps3toolchain, shagkur's psl1ght-v2 derived form psl1ght and my extension and adaptation of ooPo's ps3libraries.

    Well, with that in hand, you can expect some exciting homebrews coming to the scene from them.

    [01:10] ps3gui (port of libwiigui), a proper lv2 patcher, ps3flow etc.
    [01:10] maybe some adding of sprx plugins ^
    [01:10] like the custom prx on psp did
    [01:11] http://pastie.org/private/mpzijpn5eiy9thffgyfw6q
    [01:12] pune has libwiigui completely ported to ps3
    [01:13] http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiXplorer
    [01:13] the gui can look like that
    [01:14] he has it functional, im sure he is buttoning things up
    [01:14] he wrote a connect4 game that shows it off

    If you are on Windows and also want to develop something for the PS3, DevkitPRO-Addons is just perfect for you. Just in case though, if you don't want to install PSL1GHT-V2 you can always compile the old one. Further explanation from Miigotu himself below.

    [01:21] they will just have to set $PS3DEV and $PSL1GHT because we dont use those variables, but old psl1ght does
    [01:22] heh i put alot of work into getting git to be proper on windows
    [01:22] they should remove all mingw and msysgit or w/e too
    [01:26] also, if you browse into a git repo it will show what branch ur on
    [01:26] (requires one shell restart before it works)
    [01:27] bleh everything git just works xD

    Alright, enough with that, let's get straight to the downloadable installer that you've been waiting for. Just a reminder, the installer is still in BETA and as you can read above, the PSL1GHT-V2 is still not 100% functional yet.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    condorstrike Guest
    very nice, more goodies to play with... waiting on linux add-ons.

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    smellykid101 Guest
    this sounds interesting. anyone have any tips how to become a dev? i'm kinda thinking bout it.

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    tom lee Guest
    you would need years of xp to be dev..

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    robgudgeon Guest
    nice attitude..

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    This is nice, maybe even easier than evilsperms PSL1GHT vBox image.

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    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, and it doesn't get easier than that... can't wait to get home and try it out.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    when compiling dev_blind shell is telling me PSL1GHT must be set in the environment. I know its an easy fix but i dont know it. Anyone care to help?

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    Apr 2005
    Following up on the previous update, today PS3 hacker ooPo has announced via Twitter the merger of PSL1GHT V1 and V2 alongside news of an updated PS3Toolchain to support it.

    Download: PSL1GHT GIT / PS3Toolchain GIT / PS3Libraries GIT

    To quote: PSL1GHT is a lightweight PlayStation 3 homebrew SDK that uses the open-source PlayStation 3 toolchains to compile user applications that will run from the XMB menu (GameOS homebrew).


    AerialX - Founder, Author
    Parlane - Author
    phiren - Author
    Tempus - PSL1GHT Logo
    lousyphreak - libaudio
    Hermes - sysmodule, libpngdec, libjpgdec
    BigBoss - EyeToy support added to libcamera sample, libgem sample.
    ooPo - ps3libraries
    ElSemi - Vertex Program Compiler
    zerkman - SPU sample code
    shagkur - Author
    miigotu - Author


    A GCC toolchain that supports the PowerPC 64bit architecture is required to build PSL1GHT and its samples. It also requires the toolchain to provide a patched newlib environment; at the moment only one toolchain does so: ps3toolchain

    The SDK also includes a few standalone tools to help compilation. A host gcc is required to build raw2h, ps3load, and sprxlinker requires libelf. ps3load requires zlib installed. Python 2.x is required to run fself.py, sfo.py, and pkg.py. Nvidia's Cg Toolkit is reqired for compiling vertex programs. The signing tools require libgmp.

    Most of the PSL1GHT samples included in the samples/ directory require various libraries from ps3libraries to be installed.


    Run make install in the psl1ght directory to build it all, and make sure to set the environment variable $PSL1GHT to the folder where you wish to install it to, for example...

    cd /path/to/psl1ght.git/
    export PSL1GHT=/path/to/psl1ght.git/build
    make install

    ... for a local build of it. Ensure that $PSL1GHT is set when you are building any of the examples or other apps that use PSL1GHT.

    Current Status


    PSL1GHT supports hardware acclerated 3d graphics. Vertex shaders are a work in progress and Fragment shaders don't exsist yet.


    PS3 controllers are fully supported, and pressing the PS button brings up the in-game XMB menu, assuming the framebuffer is working.

    Quitting from the XMB requires the application to register a callback ot handle the event. An example using this is the camera example.

    Filesystem Access

    Full filesystem support is available, with access to the internal PS3 hard drive, game disc contents, and external devices like USB drives. Only directory iteration is missing, though it can be done using the lv2 filesystem interface directly (see include/psl1ght/lv2/filesystem.h)


    Berkeley sockets are available for use in PSL1GHT, though some of the implementation remains incomplete at this time (hostname lookups, for example).

    STDOUT Debugging

    By default, PSL1GHT applications redirect stdout and stderr to the lv2 TTY interface. Kammy's ethdebug module can be used to retrieve this live debugging information over UDP broadcast packets. See Kammy for more information and a precompiled ethdebug hook loader.


    PSL1GHT provides access to running programs on the raw SPUs, and communication with it from the PPU. See sputest in the samples directory for a simple example.

    SPRX Linking

    Any dynamic libraries available to normal PS3 applications can be used with PSL1GHT, they just need to be made into a stub library and have the exports filled out. See any of the examples in sprx/ for information on the creation of SPRX stub libraries.

    The following libraries are currently supported:
    • libio
    • libpad
    • libmouse
    • liblv2
    • libsysutil
    • libgcm_sys
    • libsysmodule
    • libpngdec
    • libjpgdec
    • libgem

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DAXGr Guest


    Anyone can reupload devkit 003? Also does the installer pack everything needed for ps3 dev?

    Sent from my X10mini using Tapatalk.

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