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    tranvanthien Guest

    Devil May Cry 4 with PS3 JailBreak

    Hi all !

    I've installed DMC 4 to internal HDD but every time i play the game it ask for copy to HDD. Why ? anybody helps me. i'm using multiMAN ver 1.11.06

    thanks a lot.

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    shcktoa Guest
    This tends to happen sometimes when using multiMAN. I would use Open Manager 2.1. I use it, and can confirm that it works with Devil May Cry 4 on both the external and internal hard drives.

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    tranvanthien Guest
    thanks. I mean that i've used FTP server 1.2 to copy game from PC to PS3 then run the game with multiMAN ver 1.11.06. It ask to install something to HDD then can play but everytime i quit the game then run again it still ask for install. strange ??

    thanks anyway.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Run it with OpenBM 2.1 as that works properly NOT with MultiMAN.

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