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    SniprSnake Guest

    Exclamation dev green light turns orange?

    this question is basicly towards the devs of this site... i was wondering if on the prototype/debug/TEST ps3 units does the green power light on the ps3 ever turns orange? also have u guys tried the Blu-ray disc emulator, im so intrested on how it works like does the DEBUG ps3 recognize a NTFS formatted USB hdd? if its limiten to fat formatted HDDs that would be pretty retarted.

    now from the outside does a debug ps3 have any hardware differances like a extra HDD, or extra ports?

    my big hope is if and when you guys dissasamble the debug ps3 youll see that their is no differance in hardware between a first gen retail ps3 and a debug ps3 becides a uniqu key that determins what firmware it can run, either debug fw or retail fw... yes i allready tried to install the leaked 1.80 debug fw, the day it was leaked on my 1.10 FW 1st gen 60gb ps3 (it came with the talladega nights BD).

    i know it doesnt work but it does start up on a retail ps3... until i does a hardware check... sooo.... replace the key and wa-la convert retail ps3 into debuggers... but for some reason id rather see a "pandoras memorystick for ps3" but first we need to know how a FW is installed onto a PS3 in the factory or how a FW is written on a blank PS3 FLASH0/FLASH1...

    I am into the PS2/PSP/PS3 modding scene. i have 1 PS3 (^^the 60GB) still i the box with 1.10 FW(im never gonna update it until a real hack comes out....) and a first gen 20 GB ps3 always updated to the latest retail FW , i have 2 PSPs running the latest M33 custom FW and i have 2 fat PS2s with the ID exploits and 500GB internal HDDs. i have SNES emulators on all of them.

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    CJPC Guest
    For starters, we have not noticed the power light turn orange. We have been playing with the emulator, it is quite interesting, as it mimics the BD Drive fairly well. The debug PS3 SHOULD recognize anything the retail does, however we did not try it.

    From the outside, it looks like a normal PS3, the TOOL has extra HDD's and whatnot.

    We have yet to disassemble the PS3, however it 'should' be near identical, as its in the same case (think xbox).

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    ronaldo121 Guest
    complete noob here what is the ps3 debug?

    how was it created etc?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It's a special PS3 that Sony developers/game studios/etc get that plays burned discs and runs unsigned code on.

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