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Thread: Debug Update 2.52 HOW?

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    rickdangerous22 Guest

    Debug Update 2.52 HOW?

    I have recently aquired a Debug/Test PS3 but i am having problems updating it. I happened upon this site and so far the advicer is superb, i have read through a lot of the information on Debug units. All the threads have helped a lot but i still do not know how to update the Debud unit so i can plag games.

    I have downloaded the 2.52 debug Firmware from the download section of this site and placed it on a memory stick saved like this PS3 - UPDATE - firmware, but the PS3 wont recognise any data. If i change the name of the firmware to PS3UPDAT.PUP (Like the retail firmware) then it says the data is corrupted.

    Also does it make a difference if the firmware i am downloading is the US vesion andim in the UK??

    Thanks, Matt - rickdangerous-uk

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    DrEmmettBrown Guest
    Hi dude,

    The easy way to update a debug unit is the same as retail one.
    Start by download again the 2.52 UPDATE (maybe corrupted the last time) and put the file extracted (and rename correctly if necessary :"PS3UPDAT.PUP") on a UPDATE folder, which is on PS3 folder on the root of your USB stick. (x:/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP). Let me know If you still having problem with that

    And there is no difference between US UK or JAP firmware, that's just the server location of the file

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