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Thread: Debug Firmware Upgrade help

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    iceget Guest

    Debug Firmware Upgrade help

    hey ps3news community,

    i have tried to install the 2.20 firmware with only one harddisc. i have tried this with acronis true image 11, but the bootable cd doesnt find any data on the disc.

    now my question: what for a tool can copy a harddisc, that runs under windows xp (dd_rescue works only with linux)?

    thank you very much!

    kind regards,


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    snazzychazzy Guest
    Do you have a retail or test unit? I have a test unit, and once I can download from here, I'm going to give it a try, although I think in my case I just copy it to pretty much anything, and install right through the ps3. I think hard drives need to be FAT32 formatted as well, though I'm not sure. Good luck!

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    M4TR1X36o Guest
    It works only with dd_rescue...

    Ps: A win32 Bin is also available

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