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    Question Debug Firmware on Retail Console ??

    this is my first post in my helpful forum for my ps3 console. thanx for and his perfect dev team for helping us to reach the best of my ps3 console , and his exclusives. i heard about a way to install debug firmware on Retail console, by using two HDD i think, etc.

    my question is :

    - is this way is true if i did the right steps and used the ordered firmware??

    the second question is :

    - is the Debug firmware abule to play the full pkg games which installed by proxy and [email protected] method and didn't check for copyrights ??

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    Apr 2005

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    thanx master for helping me

    i found the answer for my first quistion in the link above

    but can't find any answer for second ??

    when i install a full PKG game from PSN links site for my retail console , when i try to play it i find a message say i didn't have rights to play this game or something like that, my question is :

    if i installed this full pkg game on debug firmware (not a test dev pkg) did my console say the same message that i don't have rights to play this game ??

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    To answer your question, no. A debug system does not let you install retail packages after 1.6, and even before then, if you do manage to install them, you still can not play them - you get the same error!

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