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    Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trainer / Patcher PC Application Arrives

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    Today RiPPERD at PSX-Scene.com (linked above) has released a Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trainer / Patcher PC applicatio and ascrounch has made available a Dead Rising 2 PS3 Timer Mod.

    Download: Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trainer / Patcher / Dead Rising 2 PS3 Timer Mod / Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trainer / Patcher v1.5

    To quote: "OK GUYS HERE IT IS! I managed to trick some software into patching this for you all it will be updated to a proper PS3 kit maker soon!

    Can you test it please worked this end but want it be n00b friendly (not calling you n00bs just let me know if it's easy to use).

    - RUN EXE
    - SELECT THE ORIGINAL datafile.big - you will have to type it in for now as it only searches for ISO this is being updated
    - THEN SAVE AS modded - you can call it what you like but NOT datafile.big or it will cause error just rename it after

    Now copy over the new datafile.big to your game dir and enjoy!

    Please note if you dont have a backup of the ORIGINAL datafile.big then this wont work for you. also note that it MIGHT save the file as modded.iso for example you would need to rename this to .big"

    Dead Rising 2 PS3 Trainer / Patcher PC Application Arrives

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    Nice one - good to see some progress on this front. Although in the long run I'd like to se on the fly patching (probably directly from BUM or some alternative dedicated launcher) with possibility so select which cheats to activate. This would save constant fidlling with large mave files and moving them around all the time as well as playing unpatched / original games too.

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    There are a few other games that can be edited.

    Fallout 3 can add the PC addon packs. They also work.
    Army Of Two 40th Day has an INI file you can edit but it refuses to load after any edits.

    You can also dummy movie files to compress games.
    Dragin Age Origins I compressed from 11Gb to 5GB
    Yakuza 3 from 20Gb to 10GB
    Little Big Planet from 9Gb to 4GB

    Thats all I've successfully tried atm. Some games are small enough not to worry about.

    Also the update directory can be deleted to also save space.

    With game updates I delete the updates eboot.bin and the games work without asking for an update. Some games work with the new files others dont.

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    Awesome... Now, if only there was a trainer for FFXIII xD Well, looking forward to progress

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    works great with the money, i have over 14 million in just 10 minutes running around the casino. the sledgehammer packs 1,000 pp but the rest of the weapons dont do pp unless you do the special for each. Any way to edit these to my own settings? I just wanna reach max level and mess around. thanks for the open gate to this! awesome work

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    unlimited use of weapon doesn't work for me.

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    This is fantastic, though I will not be able to test until later this evening after work. Can't wait.

    I know it's a lot to ask given how much you've put into this already, but would you mind making a version that allows only applying the patch for unlimited weapon use?

    I would really like to play the game with normal money, PP, etc... but _cannot stand_ the way that the weapons break. For a game that is supposed to encourage creating combo weapons, it's ridiculous to me that after all the work to get both items and go to a maintenance room to create them, they just go *poof* after a few uses.

    I'm happy to do some hex editing by hand to the datafile.big too, if that would make it possible. Thanks a ton for making a great tool, DR2 is a great game but has some really dumb design decisions (like the weapons breaking) that have stopped me from playing through it.

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    I've patched it and its made it more fun. I've kept my sword from the first weapons patch and now unbreakable weapons so I keep the sword. It also gives you 1000PP per kill.

    I was also sick of getting a weapon then loosing it a few kills later coz it breaks.

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    itīs posible editing datafile for unlimited time?

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    So this is like a cheat engine for dead rising 2? is there way that a cheat engine like CWCHEAT works on a PS3? that would be awesome, working real time, find and make your own cheats.


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