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    Big Grin Dead Rising 2 PS3 Hack Including God Mode!

    Just found this.. Can confirm this working? Bashing some zombie skulls now Just thought i'd spread the word.

    Source: ps3iso.com/showpost.php?p=329868&postcount=1
    Dead Rising 2 Mod Pack I Made. Its A datafile.big That I Custom Made. I Also Have A Debug Menu If Anyone Wants Tht Too.

    Things That This Includes:

    1. 3 Times As Many Z-Bags
    2. 3 Safehouse Locations [ Modded Where Weapons Spawn In These ]
    3. All Weapons Unlocked
    4. All Cars Unlocked
    5. Most Pawn Shop Items Free [ ALL WEAPONS ]
    6. Guns Have RIDICULOUS PP, Combo Weapons Have Max 214729374 Or Something Like That
    7. Modded Weapons [ Super BFG Scatters Zombies Everywhere And Has A 100 Foot Radius Killing Most Zombies. And Shotguns That Shoot Saw Blades WIN I Know Lol]
    8. Super Fast Vehicles [ Bunny Bike = Too Fast Lol ]
    9. 1 Hit Killsplosion With Most Melee Weapons
    10. ALL! I Repeat ALL Clothes Are In Rooms 1 And 11. EVERY Outfit On The Game Including Knight Armor.
    11. Last But Not Least - God Mode [ ohh Yeaa. I Was First I Believe To Coin This Badass Mod. ]

    God Mode

    Modded Weapons

    All Clothes


    Datafile.big - No Godmode

    Datafile.big - Godmode

    How To Install
    1. Make Sure You Have Backed Up Your Dead Rising 2
    2. On Your PS3, Go Into Blackb0x Ftp Server.|. On Your PC/Mac Go Into Your Client ( Fillezilla, Cute Ftp etc... I Use Filezilla)
    3. Navigate To Your Backup [ hdd0\GAMES\BLES00948\USRDIR\[Insert Your Prefered File]

    I Worked Really Hard On This For You Guys . I Am Not Currently Using The God Mode File/ If Someone Could Confirm It Works As People Hve Said On Other Forums There Is No Was To Get Godmode Beast Mode

    credite goes to -biggetybudd

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    Just want to add for modders, who thinks, which patterns are changed in the decrypted EBOOT.BIN.


    Original pattern

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Modded pattern

    [Register or Login to view code]


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Thanks goes out to a talented Japanese hacker/modder xtatu for this.

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