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    Apr 2005

    Cool Dashhacker Releases Open Remote Play v1.1 BETA for Windows!

    Last week Dashhacker released Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA (for Mac OS X), and today comes the follow-up version 1.1 as planned for Windows and Mac- complete with source code.

    For those unaware, Open Remote Play is a cross-platform API and player which enables PlayStation 3 owners remote access from their laptop or phones. It's been confirmed as working on Sony's latest PS3 Firmware 2.76 for those curious.

    Download: Open Remote Play v1.1 BETA (Windows) / Open Remote Play v1.1 BETA (Mac OS X) / Open Remote Play v1.1 BETA SRC

    To quote: Open Remote Play v1.1; things you should know:

    1. ORP v1.1 introduces game launching, video scaling (1.5x & 2x size), full screen mode, and many bug fixes.
    2. The Mac version, awesome, absolutely awesome. Little bit of key lag... Not much.
    3. Windows, well some of you may have issues, some may not... In our case we've tested XP, it seems to work fine with some minor issues. Vista, not so much - seems to bail on something... Maybe someone can test and report their experiences below or in the forums. Windows 7 (64bit) users - it works. You may need to resize the Window (drag the bottom right corner) to see the "Save", "Delete", and "Cancel" options when editing your ORP profile.

    What's planned?

    - Add joystick support with a default SIXAXIS/DS3 button map.
    - Add proper audio+video synchronization (added a quick hack for now).
    - Add ability to set/manage buffering and bit-rate profiles.
    - Add error messages to the player instead of just bailing silently.
    - Implement power-on support.
    - Clean-up and document API.

    Note: ORP v1.1 requires TCP and UDP port 9293 forwarding to your PS3 in order to be accessible from a public network.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sekemc Guest


    Great job!, got it up and running right now, and can confirm that it is working on Windows 7 RC x64, just got to figure out what the key mapping is now. Can't seem to get into full screen mode with windows though...

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    Apr 2005


    For anyone seeking the source code archive compressed, I added it to the first post with the downloads... here is a direct link:

    ORP-1.1-BETA-SRC: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=17611

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    sekemc Guest
    Seems the Windows version is missing the readme file, but here is the control setup for those wondering what it is (this is from the SVN readme)


    The player currently implements these keyboard mappings:

    F1 Triangle
    F2 Square
    ESCAPE Circle
    PAGE-UP L1
    HOME PS Button

    CTRL-D Toggle through window sizes (normal, medium, and large)
    CTRL-F Enter/exit full-screen mode
    CTRL-Q Quit Remote Play

    Not implemented, yet:

    START, SELECT, and the analog nub.

    After installing the application on your PC, you need to import existing RP
    settings from a registered PSP. The steps are as follows:

    1 - If you have not done so already, register your PSP with your PS3 for
    Remote Play.
    2 - Copy the ORP_Export folder to your PSP under /PSP/GAME
    3 - Run Open Remote Play Export on your PSP. This will create a file on the
    memory stick called export.orp. Copy this file to your PC.
    4 - Run the ORP GUI and click on Import, locate and import export.orp. You
    will have to manually change the IP address of your PS3, by default it
    will be set to I keep two profiles, one for local LAN and
    another for when I'm connecting from the Internet. You can create
    multiple profiles by simply changing the Name field and clicking Save.
    5 - Click Import again, this time locate and import keys.orp. You only have
    to do this once for a new installation, or if there is a key update.
    6 - Select a profile, cross your fingers, and click Launch!

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    setTopbox Guest
    Do you need to have a psp to get this up and running? Over a Gigabit network (with only a few PC's), could games be playable?

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    Apr 2005


    Sadly, you do... it must be a hacked PSP also not a stock one in order to run the included EBOOT file.

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    alexn271 Guest

    xp ps3 remoteplay

    mines not working for xp.. i did all that needed to be done.. i try to load the program and just closes after a few sec .. um another thing, where do we add that dll/ file and which orp do we use the orpi or just regular orp.. only the orpi works for me.. i couldn't get just regular orp to load.. any help would be cool thanks.

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    Apr 2005
    I haven't used it myself (no PSP ) but I will try to answer what I can...

    As you said you're using WinXP, if the mingwm10.dll file doesn't work in a directory with all the other files you extracted from the zip, then try putting it here: C:\WINDOWS\system32

    Then I would run the orpui.exe which is the User Interface (GUI)... the other is just a 32-bit executable that doesn't appear necessary if you're using the orpui.exe.

    If anyone who has actually used this can add to the above, feel free!

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    hycraig Guest
    it took me a few times to figure how to get it working as it kept closing after a few seconds. but i found out what to do. go to your network connections on your ps3 and go on settings and connection status list and whatever ip address it says your ps3 is on type that into the ip bit in ORP it worked for me first time

    hope this helps someone out

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    slayerdiabolus Guest
    I got this working on Windows 7 RC (7100) 64bit using a simple 4 way Switch box LAN Network

    I don't know why Game Launching is listed above. This just has the exact same functionality as the PSP remote play. Not that its unexciting, its just the game launching thing got me excited

    Its got a terrible lag problem though....

    Anyone try using PS3 Media Server with this, The fun of watching stuff from your PC Hard Drive streamed to your PS3 streamed back to your PC

    Full screen doesn't work properly either. It looks like this

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