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  1. #11
    DarkGiovy Guest
    Put .img downloaded files in "GAME_FOLDER_PES"/USRDIR

    GAME_FOLDER_PES would be the folder of PES 13 on your hard disk

  2. #12
    SaRiYeRli Guest

  3. #13
    albatawy Guest
    wtf, cheating while online ...great job.

  4. #14
    Natepig Guest
    I'm for getting a cfw ps3 online. Totally against this kind of cheating.

  5. #15
    Shinra Tensei Guest
    how to install to rest and DarkPatch-dt0f not open password please?

  6. #16
    SaRiYeRli Guest

    Pes 2013 online hack for loss of points last

    PES 2013 ONLINE HACK FOR LOSS OF POINTS LAST (from ypstrps3.org/2013/06/pes-2013-online-hack-puan-kaybina-son.html)

    Download: http://yadi.sk/d/yTqenA6k65jIq

    Yes friends, cfw (broken box ps3) bu. But patch is a patch that can benefit users by me was (were). Patch pes 2013 game online platform for online. This patch we want to get out of the game or the match during the match when things are going wrong, the game allows us to leave and never be without points.

    Some teams available online match c.ronaldo patchy when you turn on the teams during the game if you want to quit the game. THEN STEP C. Ronaldo send in NH

    Patchwork teams

    FC Bayern Munich


    The appearance of the start-select Open with a combination of open Multiman MMOs. / Root klasorunden/dev_hdd0/game/bles01708 ps3 (game folder) / usdır into the copy. Continue by saying yes to the warning.

  7. #17
    warfan118 Guest
    This is kind o neat I like.

  8. #18
    matiasco Guest


    many thanks for these updates, i'm italian too.

    best regards

  9. #19
    ahmedshawky77 Guest
    Is that patch will work on any Custom Firmware?

  10. #20
    mamets Guest
    I can not change the image file dt06... unnamed_40 with my own creations and each time I switch always stuck in my game... help me

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