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Thread: Customizing RCOs/XMLs to Modify PS3 XMB Using Firmware Loader

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    severusx Guest
    Thanks! Have you tried to remove the references to the categories from this file to see if they can be removed?

    Also, I have moved some programs around using the codes you provided, thanks for that. However, it looks like programs that are created with PSLight somehow ignore their PARAM.SFO files, because no matter what changes I make (e.g. changes to name, category) they don't take. Any ideas on that?

    Edit: Never mind, the changes to the SFO won't show in the XMB until the next time the app is launched.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DeViL304 View Post
    Yes, all the category names are in the first few lines of "English.xml" that is contained inside "explore_plugin_full.rco"
    do you know if there's actually a way to get the TV category to show up on a US machine?

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    severusx Guest
    I haven't tried myself, I've just been working on customizing the XMB to my liking, but you can check this thread:

    I think there was some discussion about it there, you will need to edit the registry to get it to appear.

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