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Thread: Custom Firmware Maker v1.1b for PS3 is Now Available

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    itwalksamongus Guest
    I would wait. If you are in no hurry. I would like to go to 3.55 too but there's just too many variations and bugs, I'm waiting until it sorts itself out like on the Wii.

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    Jokergod2000 Guest
    I used to convert my .mkv files awelll. Problem is you lose your ability to do anything with them afterwards. A .mkv is like a .zip file it has extra audio tracks, subs etc in it, in a raw "untouched" format (original encoding setting when ripped from the disk).

    When it is converted to a .mpg you lose all that. It's like printing a word documet to paper, what you have on paper is usable but not as good as the orriginal (you can't make any changes).

    Use PS3 Media Server. It converts .mkv to .mpg as you play it over the network and does not touch the orriginal files.

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    KrisFluke Guest
    Yeah go ahead and use PS3 Media server with your HD files if you don't like surround sound or 24p playback.

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    Bishoff Guest
    I get 5.1 surround with my mkv's streamed there mate.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    um i only need 1 video, 1 audio and 1 subtitle track for my files, compatibility is more important to me because I have multiple devices all running off a central NAS where my media is and when im copying media to portable devices I dont like to have to transcode or remux my files again.

    its not just the ps3 that doesnt play mkv's, compatibility is generally poor all round thats why i convert them. If it was just the ps3 i'd just stream them apart from the bloated filesizes for additional audio tracks i'm never going to use.

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    flashpc Guest
    Is there anyway to integrate hermes v4 with kmeaw firmware with this app?

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    whitesilence Guest
    Kmeaw will not brick your console, get your facts straight please.

    Waninkoko's CFW has bricked a ton of consoles, so do not ever use his CFW.

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    dollydimple Guest
    nice little proggy for patching the 3.55 firmware.. this is for people who don't know how to use dos prompt...

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    jesreb Guest
    Thanks very much for your reply my fat is a CECHP03 160gb PAL (UK) version but I have upgraded it to a 640gb after googling could not find any info on it.

    As pay day is the end of the month I was thinking of getting a dongle then but as the cfw scene is flying I may be changing sooner than the end of the month.

    Thanks again Malmeida & also Thanks Itwalksamongus I was thinking the same thoughts as you, My Dad used to say only fools rush in and by the sounds of some unlucky people that seems to be the case.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
    I get 5.1 surround with my mkv's streamed there mate.
    Me too! No problems with playing my HD media files by streaming.

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