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    Brenza Guest
    I think you would not understand..

    Cheers, dude.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    This is a batch installer, it's very useful if you want to install a lot of things at once.

  3. #33
    pinoytechno Guest
    wow! thanks for a good news

  4. #34
    easy2boy Guest
    Exactly what i needed is how to install multiple pkg at once...

    Nice tool

  5. #35
    Blade86 Guest
    I'm really sorry for my other comment... AND I didn't think before I wrote...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Install Package Homebrew v1.3 for PS3 CFW By Deroad is Released

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer deroad has updated his Install Package Homebrew application to v1.3 followed by v1.3b for PS3 CFW users with details below.

    Download: Install Package Homebrew v1.3 / v1.3b for PS3 CFW / Install Package Homebrew v1.3 / v1.3b for PS3 GeoHot CFW / GIT

    To quote from his blog on the changes: I have fixed a bug on this homebrew. now this tool is perfect (I hope).

    My git was updated to this version (1.3) and on the 25th of December there will be a Christmas release.

    Update: I have updated the version to 1.3b (the download link will be the same) I noticed before that i could make it install infinite pkg, and now it does.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    StanSmith Guest
    To install multiple PKGs at once just do it the normal way but go back one (to the directory of the USB drive) and press triangle. It will then install all PKGs from the root of USB.

    No need for other apps where you can already do it.

  8. #38
    DJGeForce Guest
    Nice tool, handy for Rogero fw

  9. #39
    seeman Guest
    booth of the pkgs doesnt work on rogero... i told you something needs to be changed for pkgs...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3 ConsoleID, RAP Management Tools & LastGAME Customizer Out

    Today PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has released updates to his PS3 ConsoleID, RAP Management Tools and LastGAME Customizer v1.0 PS3 homebrew applications alongside PS3 Tools Collection v2.0.62.

    Download: PS3 ConsoleID / ConsoleID.exe via pink1 / PS3 RAP Management Tools / LastGAME Customizer v1.0

    Below are the update details, as follows:

    PS3 ConsoleID

    This tool displays the PSID and the ConsoleID from a LV2 dump created using multiMAN’s mmOS or Rebug’s Toolbox.

    How to use: Make a dump of your LV2 and drap & drop the LV2 dump on the tool’s window. It will show the PSID, ConsoleID and Target ID found in the LV2. You can drag & drop a dump of your flash too, but it only gets the ConsoleID.

    RAP Management Tools

    Keep your “rap” files collection clean with “remove bad files from exdata.bat” (a batch file that will remove the invalid “rap” files from your “exdata” folder) and delete_dups (a tool that will compare your rap files with the ones stored in another folder; deleting the duplicated files). Use them in conjunction with PS3 Game Integrity and PKG ContentID to keep your collection of raps organized.

    TIP: My PS3 Keys tool can be used to create rap files, just entering the file name and pasting the 32 HEX digits.

    LastGAME Customizer 1.0

    This new tool takes advantage of the customization options that multiMAN’s lastGAME applet offers, allowing to create PKG files that mount games and AVCHD movies directly from the XMB, without having to launch multiMAN’s GUI (btw lastGAME = multiMAN without GUI).

    • Current version supports lastGAME 4.1 (loads Hermes payload for firmwares 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.30)
    • Allows to connect to PS3 via FTP to retrieve the list of games installed on HDD or on external devices
    • Supports drag & drop of multiple folders (x:GAMES) to create multiple PKGs instantly
    • Supports command line interface (CLI)
    • Allows to mount ISOs (PS2, PSP, PSX, DVD, BDM) and load remote backups (DRM dongle is required)
    • Support direct boot (certain games only). Games that require BD mirror are not supported.

    NOTE: Support for PSX ISO and 4.31 CFW (MiralaTijera) are not implemented yet on lastGAME 4.1

    Special thanks to Dean Kasabow

    Changes in 1.4:
    • Added support for lastGAME9 and lastGAME10 [COBRA].

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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