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    Studs Guest

    Quick Tutorial for Converting PS3 3.60 Games to 3.55 Using PS3 Tools

    That done the trick. Thanks Chief!

    Also from aldostools: I have updated my PS3 Tools

    In this version I moved all the tools to a "tools" folder. Just run the PS3 Tools Menu.exe. The titleid and md5 databases are updated.

    The "PKG ContentID" application now acts as a hub for various tasks from Windows Explorer:
    • Double click on a PUP to view its content using ifcaro' PUPView
    • Double click on a PKG to view its content using ifcaro' PKGView
    • Double click on a BIN, SELF or SPRX to view the info using scetools
    • Ctrl+Enter on a BIN, SELF or SPRX to resign the file using scetools (includes 3.60 keys)
    • Shift+Enter on a PKG to extract the PKG
    • Ctrl+Enter on a PKG to view the PKG Content ID
    • Shift+Ctrl+Enter on a PKG to repack a retail PKG as debug PKG - useful for DEX users.
    • Right click on a PKG and select Make PKG to create a PKG.

    Almost all the tools now return to the menu clicking on the right-top blue icon

    Added drag & drop support to Create PS3_EXTRA and PS3RIP. PS3 Game Updates is included in the zip.

    Download: http://www.aldostools.org/ps3tools.zip

    Note: if you need to use your own batch to resign the EBOOTs, create a file named "custom_eboot_fix.bat" in the folder of scetool.

    I programmed a FixELF.exe (16kb) that does the hex replace (same as binmay - freecode.com/projects/binmay). But it is specialized for this this task if no parameter is provided, it asumes EBOOT.ELF "24 13 BC C5 F6 00 33 00 00 00 36" "24 13 BC C5 F6 00 33 00 00 00 34"

    I just integrated it to my PS3 Tools, so to resign an EBOOT.BIN just double-click on it hodling Ctrl (or press Ctrl+Enter on it) and it makes a resigned EBOOT.BIN and EBOOT.BIN_ORIGINAL

    It is required to run once the PKG ContentID.exe to associate the files.

    Quick Tutorial for Converting PS3 3.60 Games to 3.55 Using PS3 Tools:

    I. -- Preparation --

    1- Download the ps3tools and install it
    2- Run PARAM.SFO Editor and close it (this register the SFO extensions to Windows)
    3- Run PKG Content ID and close it (this will register the EBOOT, self, sprx to Windows)

    (you may need to copy the ps3 keys and the cygwin files requied by psn_package_npdrm to the ps3tools\tools)

    II. -- Fixing a 3.60 disc game --

    4. Open the GAMES\title name\PS3_GAME and double click on the PARAM.SFO
    5. Press alt+y (PS3 System) and press down to set the version to 3.55
    6. Press Ctrl+S to save the SFO and close the window

    7. Open USRDIR and browse the folders to see if the are .self or .sprx
    a. If you find a .self or .sprx, double click on it to view if it is using [3.60-3.61 keys]
    b. If there are not .self or .sprx, press Ctrl+Enter on the EBOOT and you're ready to play

    c. If there are .self or .sprx, copy the EBOOT.BIN and all the .self/.sprx files to the scetool folder in PS3 Tools and run the BruteForce.exe
    d. If the keys are found, the BruteForce will resign the EBOOT.BIN and self/sprx
    e. Copy the resigned EBOOT.BIN and self/sprx to their original location and play

    III. -- Fixing a 3.60 patch PKG --

    8. Run PS3 Game Update from the PS3 Tools Menu, enter the title id of the game, set the target version to 3.60 and press Verify
    9. Download the PKG files that are 3.60 or lower
    10. Once the download complete, double click again the completed file to open the folder
    11. Press Shift+Enter on the PKG to extract all the files
    12. Browse to the extracted folder\TITLEID and double click on the PARAM.SFO. Change the PS3 System to 3.55, press Ctrl+S and exit
    13. Browse to USRDIR and repeat the all the steps in 7 (resign the 3.60 to 3.55)
    14. Once you have resigned the files to 3.55 and copied them back to the extracted folder, browse up to the extracted folder. eg. UP0002-BLUS30591_00-CODBLOPSPATCH012-A0113-V0100-PE
    15. Right click on the folder and select Make PKG
    16. Install the PKG and play

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3 Cheats Editor v1.1 Homebrew Application By Aldostools Arrives

    Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer aldostools has released PS3 Cheats Editor version 1.1 followed by v1.2 which works with the recently released PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat Dongle v2.3 Update from oct0xor and v2.02 with some more revisions below.

    Download: PS3 Cheats Editor v1.1 to v2.6.2 (Installer) / PS3 Cheats File Icons by gingerbread

    To quote: Some features...
    • Read/save cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat)
    • Search/filter games
    • Sort database by column (Title ID, Name, Version, number of cheats, region) (database is saved in the selected order)
    • Added option to rearrange the position of the games in the list (use Alt+Up arrow / Alt+Down arrow in the listview)
    • Exports selected games as text files
    • Imports text file (exported format) and append to current database
    • Allows to save the description in TITLE ID + NAME + VERSION (without < > and region)
    • It accepts the file as a command line parameter (useful to open through batch files or associate extensions)
    • Support for drag & drop
    • Lots of keyboard shortcuts

    The tool keeps internally the version read from the file. If you edit a game's title, you will notice that it includes the version (from the description). The program will parse the edited text and will search for ##.## (eg. 01.05). If it is found, it stores 01 05 in the database. If the pattern ##.## is not found, it will use 01.00 by default So, it's important to always include the version in the game's description.

    That was exactly the part that deank helped me to figure out. BTW I updated the icon for the PSN games in the program.

    Build 1.4:

    0- The import now merges the cheats. So if user A has 3 cheats, and user B has 2 cheats (1 common, 1 different). User A imports cheats from B (or B imports cheats from A), in both cases the database should contain 4 cheats.
    1- Added extension .ps3cheat
    2- Added a suggested name for export
    3- Use F2 to edit individual cheat title
    4- The OCX is required. I could remove it, but it would be a lot of work, due I would have to program all the functions of the OCX. You can make a SFX and put the OCX and the EXE, the EXE will automatically register the OCX.
    5- TXT format can be used for that
    6- Fixed the window title (it said PS3 Game Editor instead of PS3 Cheats Editor)


    PS3 Cheats Editor 2.6.2:

    Edits the cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat). Allows export/import cheats to the database in text and binary formats. 3.55 CFW is required.

    Now the cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack can be identified easily. This version includes a cheats database for 520 games compiled by gingerbread at ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread. Thanks to SkillerCMPnow the EBOOT patcher supports code type: 0T00 (8bit), 1T00 (16bit), 2T00 (32bit), 4T00 (Serial codes), 5T00 (Copy codes)

    Special thanks to skillerCMP, gingerbread, BahumatLord, haxxxen and bungholio for the tutorial about converting CU codes.

    • This version includes a cheats database for 414 games compiled by gingerbread at ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread.

    • This version includes a cheats database for 409 games compiled by gingerbread at ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread.

    • Support info files in .pdf, .tif, .rtf, .html and .txt

    Build 2.0.2:
    • This version includes a database with 381 games compiled by gingerbread at ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread.

    Build 1.5.02:
    • I updated the tool to install the st.dat. So, it is not longer required to extract it from the PKG

    Build 1.5:
    • There was an issue importing the games that started with "PSN" and I fixed the bug in the build 1.5

    If you find bugs, they are also features. This is a sample code for Dragon's Dogma BLES01356. All credits go to xtatu at the CMP Forums

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From haxxxen: Here are some new codes (credits to cmp staff and users, i only have ported the codes)

    [Register or Login to view code]

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    aldostools Guest
    The cheats editor is updated to v1.2 (same link)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Install Package Homebrew for PS3 CFW By Deroad is Released

    Following up on his NoRSX PS3 v0.1.9 (96b8a31) update, today PlayStation 3 developer deroad has released an application dubbed Install Package Homebrew for PS3 CFW users followed by v1.2 with details below.

    Download: Install Package Homebrew for PS3 CFW / Install Package Homebrew for PS3 GeoHot CFW / Install Package Homebrew v1.2 for PS3 CFW / Install Package Homebrew v1.2 for PS3 GeoHot CFW / Install Package Homebrew for PS3 CFW (Source Code) / GIT

    To quote: Hi everyone, since I'm working on PSChannel (I don't know when it will be finished), I had to build a few features for it (I will not tell which they are). so I written this simple homebrew to install one or more PKG without using the XMB option. this app is useful if you, for some reason, can't use that option.. it will create on the XMB a new icon that will allow you to install that pkg.

    How to use it:

    Place in the main directory of your USB a pkg (it can handle up to 100 pkgs, and the max size for each of them is 4GB).. then plug in the usb on the ps3 and run the app.

    It will search the usb from /dev_usb000 to /dev_usb009, once found it will start it copy and create the right files to allows you to install it from the XMB without the option.

    THIS APP WILL RESTART THE PS3 ONCE FINISHED. I hope that this app can be useful (maybe also someday).

    v1.2 Changelog:

    This new version allow to install packages also from the /dev_hdd0/package folder, just not plug in any USB and it will search in that directory.

    Update: Install Package Homebrew Source Code (via devram0.blogspot.co.at/2012/11/install-package-homebrew-source-code.html) from deroad:

    I decided to release my source code (linked above) of this homebrew. to compile it, you will need PSL1GHT V2.

    if you want to copy partially or entirely the code, please, add me on the credits. Have fun.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    condorstrike Guest
    awesome tool, thanks Deroad.

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    shummyr Guest
    Very nice setup, I love it

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    Brenza Guest
    Very very nice!

    You should search for pkg also in \dev_hdd0\packages, it would be useful!

    BTW thank you!

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    Blade86 Guest
    Those who got no Option to install pkgs, HOW WOULD THEY INSTALL THIS?
    Those who can, dont need this.
    Those who want to install multiple pkgs, use the feauture of PS3-EXTRA or self-merge existing ones.

    So the question is: WHO NEEDS THIS? No offence, but also no respect!


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    Brenza Guest
    Blade86 if you don't know what you're talking about you should just be quiet instead of calling something "useless"

  10. #30
    Blade86 Guest
    Wow, how nice -.- instead of enlighten me with the real features.

    So what does this tool do for YOU ? how YOU gonna install this without "install packages"?


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