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    Apr 2005

    PS3 FTP Client v1.0 Homebrew PlayStation 3 Application Arrives

    Following up on his previous work, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has made available a homebrew PlayStatiion 3 application dubbed PS3 FTP Client v1.0 (WIP) followed by v1.1 with details below.

    Download: PS3 FTP Client v1.0 (WIP) / PS3 FTP Client v1.1 (WIP) / COMCTL32.OCX (Required) / VB5 Runtime DLL (Required)

    To quote: I have made a new toy... these are the features:
    • It rips files (dummies, languages, update, etc) stored on the PS3 HDD/USB via FTP.
    • New simulation mode (shows the results of a rip)
    • If you have a folder with PS3 covers in your PC (eg. MCLUB jpgs), the cover is displayed when a remote folder that matches the titleid is selected (eg. BLES80608)
    • Displays a column with the description of the game (based on the title id)
    • It is a "full" ftp client based on wininet

    It may require the ComCtl32.ocx and VB5 Runtime DLL. It is still experimental, some features are not complete, but at least the ps3 rip should work...

    Final note: Use with care!! Remember that it touches the internal files in the HDD of your PS3.. The PS3RIP is safer.

    PS3 FTP Client v1.1 Changelog:
    • New installer (installs icon on desktop and the required OCX).
    • New file finder (find a file or pattern in a folder and sub-directories)
    • New button to cancel transfers.
    • Bug fixes.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005

    PS3Tools Updated with PARAM.SFO Editor v2.3, SFX Conversion

    This weekend PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has followed up on his previous revisions with PARAM.SFO Editor v2.3 in PS3Tools, which allows for conversion PARAM.SFO (SFO) files to PARAM.SFX (SFX) files and vice-versa alongside the changes detailed below.

    Download: PARAM.SFO Editor v2.3 (PS3Tools Update) / PARAM.SFO Editor v2.3 (PS3Tools Update) (Mirror) / MSVBVM50.exe (Required)

    To quote: I just updated the PARAM.SFO Editor (included in the ps3tools.zip) It now can convert PARAM.SFX to SFO and viceversa.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    PS3 Tools Collection by Aldo's Tools
    Copyright (c) 2012 by Aldo Vargas - www.aldostools.org

    PS3RIP 1.2.1

    It's a tool that should help you gain some space on your external HDD, removing unnecessary files. It actually moves the files to a RIPPED folder in the root of the disk and replace the file with a 0 byte file.

    VERY IMPORTANT: You should verify your game (play it!) before delete any file permanently!!

    +The PS3RIP includes the patterns for ripping almost all languages, except English!! Initial release excluded English & Spanish. This release excludes English only, but allows to exclude other languages.

    IMPORTANT: Review the patterns and comment or remove the lines for the languages that you want to keep. (for ripping files stored in your PS3 use my PS3 FTP Client tool)

    PARAM.SFO editor 2.3

    It's a tool to edit PARAM.SFO files and PARAM.SFX files created by Create PS3_EXTRA.

    • The PARAM.SFO editor supports SFO and SFX files.
    • Convert SFO to SFX and viceversa.
    • Support for SAVE DATA param.sfo, PS3 GAME param.sfo, PSP param.sfo, and other categories.
    • SFO and SFX are automatically associated to the editor.
    • Supports drag and drop and command line parameters (use /? for details on parameters).
    • Displays the ICON0.PNG/ICON2.PNG found in the SFO/SFX folder.
    • Add new fields to param.sfo
    • Account ID button (to make compatible certain saves that don't check the PARAM.PSD)
    • New fields in the GUI that allow to edit some ATTRIBUTE values (like add support for Background Music, disable Move Controller warnings, PSP Vita Remote Play, etc.)

    I want to thank to ps3devwiki.com for all the information provided and HELLCAT for his PS3SFOEdit.exe.

    PS3 Game Integrity 1.1

    This tool calculates the MD5, SHA-1 or CRC32 for a file or folder (and sub-directories) and generate a content.md5 file for future verification. If the content.md5 is present in the folder, the program reports if any file was deleted, added or changed. This tool is very useful to check if your game has corrupted files due due bad sectors, virus or cross-links (which are very common when an USB device is removed from the PS3 while it is turned on).

    New in 1.1: CRC32 hash support, find in log, size is now optional, some bug fixes.

    PS3 File Splitter 1.1

    Splits files larger than 4GB to fit in USB drives formatted with FAT32. It also join splitted files. Splits files can be any specified size.
    Note: GiB = 2^30, GB=10^9, MiB=2^20, MB=10^6, KiB=2^10, KB=10^3

    New in 1.1: Support for more file extensions (eg. part# = part1 .. part9, part0 = part0 .. part9)

    mmTM_GUI 1.3.2

    It's a tool to pack, unpack and verify multiMAN's theme files (THM).

    New in 1.3.2:
    • New verification file (theme.lst) based on 04.02.00
    • Delete or open the files directly from the log
    • Switching mode do not clear the path fields

    PKG ContentID 1.1

    It's a tool for view quickly the ContentID of a PKG. It can be used to verify its Title_ID, compare against RAP/edat files, etc.

    PKG files are auto-associated to PKG_ContentID.exe

    If you copy program PKG_ContentID.exe in the same folder of PkgView 1.2 (ps3zone.ifcaro.net/) it will pass the PKG to PkgView.exe when you double click or press ENTER on a PKG.

    Pressing Ctrl+ENTER on a PKG file, will show the ContentID of the PKG and allow open it with PkgView.
    Pressing Shift+ENTER on a PKG file, will extract the content of the PKG on the same folder of the PKG.

    Create PS3_EXTRA 1.1

    This tool scans for the PKG, MP4 and P3T files copied to each game folder, its PS3_UPDATE folder, PKGDIR or PS3_CONTENT, and store them under a PS3_EXTRA structure.

    When a game is mounted with multiMAN, there will be 2 BD icons on the XMB: one disc for the game itself and another with PKGs, MP4 and P3T. It should make it easier to install the game patches, DLC, fixes, and related videos, due they will be listed in a neat menu like the one used by "PStore news" (big squares of 486x405 pixels).

    How to use:

    1) First put the pkg's at the root of your game folder (eg: BLES00000).
    2) Run Create_PS3_EXTRA.exe
    3) Click the browse button in the top right corner [...]
    4) Select the "GAMES" folder that contains the games with the pkg's eg: x:\GAMEZ and then click the OK button
    5) Now tick or untick the folders you want or don't want the app to process
    6) Click the Start button
    7) Close the program
    8) Open the folder eg: BLES00000 folder
    9) Now your folder should contain a folder called PS3_EXTRA
    10) All the pkg's should have automatically been renamed and moved to the PS3_EXTRA folder
    11) Launch the game using multiMAN
    12) On the xmb menu you should now see 2 disc icon's. The top disc icon is the actual game, The bottom disc icon is the dlc/update pkg's.
    13) Click on the bottom disc icon to see and install the dlc/updates

    Changes in 1.1:

    +Create_PS3_EXTRA now can find PKG files in PS3_CONTENT and PKGDIR folders, and move them to the PS3_EXTRA folder.
    +The PS3_CONTENT and PKGDIR folders are renamed to avoid conflicts with the PS3_EXTRA structure.
    !Fixed package "size" issue for PKG files >4GB
    !Due a typo in the code it was not moving the P3T files to PS3_EXTRA. Fixed.

    Renam 1.0

    This tool, if copied to the GAMES or GAMEZ folder, will rename the games sub-folders from the default "BLUS0000-[Title]" format to "Title [BLUS0000]". This name format should make it easier to find the games using Explorer. Just copy the renam.exe to the x:\GAMES (or x:\GAMEZ) folder and run it. (Do not expect any GUI. It will rename the folders and exit)

    All these tools are Win32 and require the VB5 runtime DLL. XP users should have this already installed (if not, download & install the DLL).

    Download the VB5 Runtime Modules from: http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...s/msvbvm50.exe

    That's all for now


    Finally, in related news NEVIK has released PS3Tools v1 for Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7 with details below, as follows:

    Good day all! A few weeks ago I got tired of having to either go to windows or to linux to accomplish a PS3 related task. So I decided to put together a simple gui to accomplish these goals and now I want to share it with any others.

    This is just a GUI for fail0verflow's, Mathieulh's (ps3 pkg extractor), HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py’s, Wargio’s and gehots tools.


    Thanks to defyboy for the wiki and euss for maintaining it! You do not need macports or the Xcode! Things you need to have installed to make this work:

    You will need to have X11 installed. If on 10.7 it is installed, if on 10.6 please double check you can always go to your Applications/Utilities/ and see if X11 is in there. If it is not get your install disc and install X11. Frameworks:

    Mono Project: http://download.mono-project.com/arc...amarin.x86.dmg

    As of now you can:
    • unself: This will unself any self file just enter the name of file and is not a NPDRM file.
    • unself2: This will unself2 any self file just enter the name of file and is for a NPDRM file. See README.txt for mallory instructions.
    • readself: Will prompt you to type the name of the file you want to readself on.
    • make_self: This is geohot’s make_self.
    • make_self_npdrm: This is geohot’s make_self_npdrm tool.
    • package_finalize: This is geohot’s tool to make any .pkg installable on WutangrzaCFW.
    • norunpack: This is fof’s tool to unpack a NOR.BIN.
    • pupunpack: This will unpack any PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • pupexplode: This will unarchive all the files from the PS3UPDAT.PUP
    • ungpkg: This is for unpkg npdrm pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)
    • unpkg: This is for unpkg of regular pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)
    • unpack_devflash: it’s a simple dev_flash extractor for 3.56+ PUPs
    • extract CoreOs: it’s a simple CoreOs extractor for 3.56+ PUPs
    • Mathieulh's PS3 PSP decrypter and extractor: This will extract and decrypt retail PS3 or PSP game.pkg it works for extracting some .pkg that other tools won't, but doesn't always remame everything correctly so double check and rename anything that needs... Sorry the port isn't perfect, please double check your files if something is wrong it works on some .pkg and not other
    • make_pkg: This is HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py's python script that will make a npdrm .pkg that will install on your PS3. Please read the ReadMe and HowToUse included in the archive.

    Update: NEVIK has now released PS3Tools for Mac OSX version 3 with SCETool for OSX with details below, as follows:

    Download: http://www.2shared.com/file/PAIF9S9o/PS3TOOLS_v3.html

    Good day and Merry Xmas to all who take part. This is PS3TOOLS_v3 for OsX

    What is new:
    • Scetool thanks Naehrwert and flatz!
    • klicencebruteforce thanks Magic333X and aldostools for some advice.
    • A special thanks to a friend on the irc you know how you are!

    Please read the Scetool.ReadMe and the READMEMAGiC333X.txt for additional information.

    How to use:

    Just download the zip file and extract to your home directory and double click Start_Ps3tools. I have included the updated keys for F0F tools if you don't have these already place them in the .ps3 folder in your home directory. This is a work in progress so please leave any questions or anything suggestions here in the forum.

    A extra note: In PS3TOOLS gui Scetool is limited to basic disc/npdrm signing for 3.55/4.21. If you want to resign lv1/lv2 or things of the such you will need to use the command line and have a understanding of what you are doing.

    If you are in need of altering a PARAM.SFO for a disc game let MM do it for a update you will need to make a new one by copying/altering the information from one xml to a new xml which will then make a new PARAM.SFO using psl1ght. It is not perfect but it works.

    Once again thanks to all the great people out there making this fun happen. Naehrwert, flatz, F0F, graf, kakaroto, Magic333X, aldostools, HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py... and all the rest too many to name. Peace to all and have a wonderful day!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    maaz1 Guest
    can i use my old account saves and trophies with my new one in 4.11 using this app?

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    Brenza Guest
    Can't start the program because MSVBVM50.DLL is missing

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    Apr 2005


    Did you try installing the required VB5 Runtime Modules from http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...s/msvbvm50.exe ?

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 FTP Client v2.8 Homebrew PlayStation 3 Application Arrives

    Following up on the intial release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has updated his homebrew PS3 FTP Client application to version 2.8 with the changes outlined below followed by v2.9.

    Download: PS3 FTP Client v2.8 / PS3 FTP Client v2.8 (Mirror) / PS3 FTP Client v2.9

    To quote: PS3 FTP Client 2.8 (Updated 2012-06-09)

    New feature:
    • Update the APP_VER in PARAM.SFO of the selected games to the specified version. This option helps to avoid the update screen when the game starts (for users with PS3 connected to the Internet), preventing accidental installation of patches that require FW 3.56 or higher. A backup of the original PARAM.SFO is stored as PARAM.SFO.bak. The new option works with local files and remote files via FTP.

    How to use the new feature:
    • To update a single game, select the PARAM.SFO, right click and select "Update APP_VER in PARAM.SFO...".
    • To update multiple games, go to /GAMES folder, select the games that you want to update, right click and select "Update APP_VER in PARAM.SFO...".
    • Enter the new version (99.99 by default) and press OK.

    To quote: This update to the PARAM.SFO can be performed manually using any PARAM.SFO editor. However, the main advantage of the new feature of the PS3 FTP Client is that it automates the tasks of download the file, update the SFO, upload it again, and make a backup of the original SFO.

    The premise is that you first download and install the game patches for all your games. Use multiMAN or PS3 Game List or PS3 Game Updater to download the patches that are 3.55 compatible (<3.56).

    Once you have your games updated with the latest patch, use the PS3 FTP client to update the APP_VER of your PARAM.SFO to 99.99 (or any number higher than the latest patch version of your game).

    When you launch your game, it will compare its APP_VER vs the version TITLEID-ver.xml in the Playstation server. If the APP_VER is lower than the version specified in the XML in the server, the game will ask for update. If the APP_VER is higher, the game will continue loading and will not ask for update (saving you from a potential mistake: update the game with a non compatible patch).

    99.99 should be enough for almost all games. However, some games may require specific APP_VER. For these ones, don't change the PARAM.SFO or rename back the PARAM.SFO.bak to PARAM.SFO.

    You can update the APP_VER without download & install the patches too.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    If you have to, you can always search for the missing DLLs on google and download them.

    Just drop them in the same folder as the .exe you are trying to run.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Game Updates v1.0 Downloader Homebrew Application Arrives

    Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer aldostools has made available a PS3 Game Updates v1.0 homebrew application which allows you to identify and download updates for video game backups.

    Download: PS3 Game Updates v1.0 to v3.0 (Installer) / PS3 Game Updates v1.0 to v3.0 (No Installer) / MSVBVM50.DLL (Required)

    To quote: My new tool... (beta)

    I really liked the trueicecold's PS3 Game Updater 1.41, but I wanted a couple of new features... so I made my own "PS3 Game Updates 1.0"...

    • The title id field accepts many formats of title id (eg: title id with/without dash, content id, URL of pkgs, etc). Also supports search game by name.
    • The title id field also accepts the path of GAMES or the IP of the PS3 (to scan multiple games).
    • Show game patches 3.56+ in a different color (pink).
    • Auto-detects game patches already downloaded (search in PS3_UPDATE, PS3_EXTRAS, and in the default download path) and show them in gray.
    • Asks for confirmation to download patches 3.56 or higher. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file (for 3.56+).
    • Show game cover and game description even if the game does not have updates.

    PS3 Game Updates 3.0 Changelog:
    • This application download PS3 game updates and patches. The 'error 70' is already fixed.
    • Support concurrent queued downloads. new feature!
    • The title id field accepts many formats of title id (eg: title id with/without dash, content id, URL of pkgs, etc).
    • Search updates by name of the game.
    • The title id field also accepts the path of GAMES or the IP of the PS3 (to scan multiple games).
    • Show game patches 3.56+ in a different color (pink).
    • Auto-detects game patches already downloaded (search in PS3_UPDATE, PS3_EXTRAS, and in the default download path) and show them in gray.
    • Asks for confirmation to download patches 3.56 or higher. Required firmware version is appended to the name of the file.
    • Show game cover and game description even if the game does not have updates.
    • Auto-fix downloaded PKGs that required firmware 3.60

    Finally, in related PlayStation 3 homebrew news today MCLUB has made available PS3 FolderList Version 1.02 and stated the following, to quote:

    My Tool can all files from Folder listed in .FolderList.txt File
    • Step1 put .FolderList.exe in Folder
    • Step2 Start Program
    • Step3 Press Enter

    Good for Cover Index Make in .txt File.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Studs Guest
    Won't run for me. I had the Dll error.. downloaded the correct files the chief gave us. I can get past that error, now it just says " run time error 70. Permission denied" Any ideas?

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    Apr 2005


    You may want to try redownloading it (using the same link above) as apparently since the initial 1.0 release it has been updated with v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3 and v1.0.4 to fix some of the bugs:
    • Fixed bug: 'error 70 - access denied' on Windows 64bit
    • Fixed bug: 'stop download if game folder is collapsed'
    • Fixed bug: 'Verify button disabled pasting text with mouse'
    • Fixed bug: 'Verify button disabled pasting text in lower case'

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