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Thread: Cover Manager

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    Strizay Guest
    hey does anyone know if Jurai2 is still alive? Has anyone heard anything all from him?

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    iskj3098ias Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HEADi View Post
    in which folder i must copy the 3d covers ? i tried "game\Omanxxxxx\covers\3d" and it doesnt work. anyone can help me ?
    That's the right folder. Just make sure that the covers are named xxxxx.PNG (termination in caps), else they aren't detected.

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    marc2590 Guest
    No he just vanished all of a sudden i switched to multiMAN because there hasn't been an update for cover manager in ages, but its understandable since its not like jurai was getting paid for his work. Maybe he should close this thread if he's not going to work on it anymore

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    Jurai2 Guest
    I stopped having time to really work on ps3 projects, plus I saw other managers have cover support now anyway so not really much point in continuing a single-style manager. If someone really wants the code I guess email me.

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    Strizay Guest
    they may have cover support, but they aren't like yours. I haven't given up hope that you would return and give us something else. I still use your manager. I've tried others, but I keep coming back. I don't know a thing about coding, I wish I did. I totally understand if you've lost interest in it. I'm sure you have a lot of other things to keep you busy and that this was just a hobby. Thanks for the manager though, take care bro.

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    kovot Guest
    I use 2 managers, Cover for loading games, MultiMan for other stuff. I have installed about 40 games to internal hd (Hermes v4), including some new games, Black Ops, AC Brotherhood & Medal Of Honor, all worked just fine.

    Only 6 games needs disc and only those 3 games mentioned needed configuration. This is still the best looking manager out there and for now, I'm using it.

    Thank you Jurai2 all the work you've done and that's very cool that you're releasing code for those who are asking for it

    Ps. for future developers, smooth multiple covers mode would be so AWESOME!!

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    SAC9665 Guest
    I'm having trouble getting some covers. Most of the time when I hit the L1 button (I think it it that one, which ever the button is to download covers) I get the cover with no problem, but on about 1/3rd of my games (about 10 games) I get an HTTP error.
    I can't remember the exact error right now.

    Anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it. I know that Mafia II is one of the games.



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    marc2590 Guest
    I'm pretty sure it means that cover is not available, you have to manually ftp it into the covers folder.

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    We have moved Jurai2's board to the main PS3 Hacks section as he can now Edit his posts here, so there is no need to segregate the OBM Mods in subforums any longer finally!

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