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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    Bakke Guest

    Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

    Not 100% sure if this is old news but I haven't found such info around the web. And I'm also not sure if suggesting users to get the retail demos and debug updates from here. If the boss says go I'm all for editing this tutorial

    This guide covers up your game conversion, from a Retail PSN Game demo into a Fully functional Debug PSN Full Game for use with Jailbreak.

    Here's the procedure.

    1) Search a download any PSN game DEMO
    2) Open up PSN Demo Installer
    3) From PSN Demo Installer, select your downloaded PSN DEMO (.pkg demo)
    4) Create .pdb file from there
    5) Turn on your PS3 in jailbreak mode and open up your FTP Server tool.
    6) Select the upload function from PSN Demo Installer, fill it with your PS3 IP and upload the demo.
    7) Now that your demo is on your PS3, you need to reboot the console without the jailbreak dongle.
    8) Install the demo. Remember, console must be turned on without the jailbreak device.
    9) Now reboot console in jailbreak mode
    10) Search and download your game update but needs to be for debug consoles. Search around the web for debug pkgs. I won't provide such info. Google is your friend!

    NOTE: The debug game update must be same region as the demo.

    11) Install your debug game update through ★ Install package data from XMB
    12) Enjoy

    Well, this method is almost the same employed in this torrent. Tried it with 3-4 games. All working.

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    Apr 2005
    Well, on a quick search that guide looks a little like those HERE but not exact.

    That said, I was aware that Debug PKG files worked (I know there are a few guides posted on this already here, although I'd have to hunt them down) but didn't know Retail PKG files do... so if a few people can confirm it we could move this to the PS3 Guides section and link it in the Sticky thread.

    However, just reading through that guide above it seems to mention Debug games a lot... so perhaps this isn't 100% accurate or it simply needs to be updated.

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    Bakke Guest
    Oh I just wanted to edit that thing about mentioning "Debug games" but I think "Debug Add-on" or "Debug Game's Update" sounds a little bit more accurate.

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    Apr 2005
    Sure, if others give it a try and confirm it works we can update the first post... I guess we should wait for some feedback first though.

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    Bakke Guest
    Sure thing! I'm going to test now with every posible game so I can create a list of working titles here.

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    If you have the time, that would definitely encourage others to give it a try as well. Go Bakke! hehe

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    evilsperm Guest
    I am already downloading a few to test out as well, I will report back sometime in the early morning

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    Luckluka Guest
    ok, i somehow didnt get this: It will convert a PSN-DEMO game into a PSN-FULL jailbreak game?

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    bennyvo Guest
    Super Street Fighter II HD Remix WORK.

    UP0102-NPUB30034_00-SUPERSFIGHTER2NA-A0110-V0100 (debug add-on)

    Anyone know the link for Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix?

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    Apr 2005
    Well we knew PS3 Debug PKG files worked, but I thought the "million dollar question" is does the Retail to Debug PKG conversion method work so that Retail PKG files can be used.

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