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    weaana Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Padawan Gatsu View Post
    What am I doing wrong all the folders after converting come out to be kbs instead of mbs? What gives as they don't install this way.
    with demoinstaller folders will only be in kbs, but you have to put the pkg file inside the folder.

  2. #52
    caleb4god Guest
    No go here with Marvel vs Capcom 2, usa or eur. Used the demo and debug files found on this site. Still shows up as trial game for me.

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    sulsul Guest
    This worked for me, i am using maximus board and had a lemmings demo installed before that PSgroove was out and then i installed lemmings debug patch and works beautifully.

    Kudos to you sir.

  4. #54
    bennyvo Guest
    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix WORKS.

    I guess only retail game come as FULL then it will work with debug add-on patch. Retail game come as Demo might not? haven't test any demo yet but doubt it.

    So far both Super Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix are full game and only require activation, so a debug add-on patch did the trick.

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    tjay17 Guest
    Does this work with all games?

    Do you need to ftp the games and the patches to the ps3 or just put them on a pen drive and use install the pkg from the menu?

  6. #56
    foxy1990 Guest
    need tp ftp the demo and install when rebooted in normal state, .then reboot in jailbreak and install debug through usb pen.

    not many games works and it seems any game that requires a tiny activation file (like pj monster n battlefield etc) will never work (as they have to match with the psn download list or something)

  7. #57
    imrock Guest
    Wipeout HD not working here

  8. #58
    katozo Guest
    is it possible to play PES 2011 demo with this method?

  9. #59
    axpk95 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barbnjason View Post
    Not Working

    1 Bionic Commando
    2 Tumble
    3 PJ: Monsters
    4 Elefunk (my own test still says demo ver)
    5 Marvel vs Capcom 2
    6 Super Rub a Dub
    i got Super Rub a Dub working

  10. #60
    foxy1990 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by katozo View Post
    is it possible to play PES 2011 demo with this method?
    yeah of course all demos will work 100% the list was for games that we can debug from demos into full games! demos will work fine this way


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