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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    foxy1990 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thejindesan View Post
    Thanks does it still act like a demo for you? I believe i tried this and it still shows "unlock full game" in the menu. I tried the full debug version.
    does the full debig version work? you get full game? and if so did you just download it from "*install package files"?

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    wandiana Guest
    Diner Dash & Mushroom Wars WORKED..!!!

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    lightning69 Guest
    Where can we download the PSN demo games and the debug patch?

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    sekko Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lightning69 View Post
    Where can we download the PSN demo games and the debug patch?
    all psn demos you can find here

    but where i can find the debug patches??

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    chortya Guest
    here, but not all patches are availiable:

    Will try to install Killzone2 patch...

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    thejindesan Guest
    Full Debug still acts like a demo (Shows unlock full game) in the menu.. installed with both methods. Demo Manager and "install packages"

    Let me know if anyone else got the full Monsters unlocked?

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    Temzum Guest
    test with echochrome was successful - thanks for posting

    @sekko and lightning69

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    chortya Guest
    Patch installed just fine! Nice. Are there always both debug and retail version of the patch? Can't find Heavy Rain debug patch...

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    barbnjason Guest
    From what I gather from this thread and some of my own trial and error is that some do work some don't. I think we need to make an organized list kinda like compatibility list for the backup manager. From what see here is that...


    1 Fat Princess
    2 The Last Guy
    3 echochrome
    4 Diner Dash
    5 Mushroom Wars
    6 Lemmings
    7 Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    Not Working

    1 Bionic Commando
    2 Tumble
    3 PJ: Monsters
    4 Elefunk (my own test still says demo ver)
    5 Marvel vs Capcom 2
    6 Super Rub a Dub

    This is what I have so far.

    Note: This thread should be for PSN titles that have a demo version that usually need a activation link you unlock the full version. What is being done here is bypassing the activation by installing the Debug patch over the Retail PSN Demo game. So to keep it on topic and because we already know they work do not list Full Retail games here i.e. Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain. Or full Retail PSN games like Super Street Fighter II HD Remix or Jeopardy as they have no Demo version to convert.

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    tjay17 Guest
    Does this work with ps1 games or only psn games?

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