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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    Firmware150 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdance22 View Post
    ISO.BIN should only be the encrypted disc image (to prevent piracy). It probably doesn't contain anything other than the raw game data.
    No, the game data is in the EBOOT.PBP.

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    MicroNut Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Firmware150 View Post
    Dude the Lara Croft demo was never labelled incorrectly. It's the full game, but locked, and it needs activation to even run it as a demo. I wonder if installing the QA over it now it's activiated would unlock it?

    Damn I wish we could pin down exactly what happens with the activation process >_<

    Furthermore I have a theory with PS1 games. Buy one and then replace the EBOOT.PBP on it with any other PS1 game? Unless the ISO.BIN.EDAT file checks MD5 of the EBOOT.BIN?
    Not sure what you mean about labels and Lara Croft. I don't think they are mislabled or named wrong at all.

    PS1 games and LittleBig Planet are a bit of a mystery to me. I could never find a debug eboot for Lara and never went back to BLP. There are a few reasons why I stopped looking into and releasing games.

    I think licenses are delivered directly from the PSN store server based on serial number of the PS3. This happens during PSN Check or Demo activation. You dont get an activation package with every game you buy. Not every game has a psn locked eboot and the ones that do have activation packages. The ones that dont are demo locked no more after purchasing a license online, yet you rarely download an activation package for them. Eboots are replaced, they are never signed or changed.

    This is why PS3 ID swapping for PS3's for DLC is nessesary at the factory. When a machine is sent in and needs to be replaced, they dont transfer all the data and then download all the licenses again. They simply change the PS3 ID to match the old busted console. After that all the PS3 licenses match the PS3.

    I think the activation packages are cosmetic and sometimes maybe even functional in terms of replacing the psn locked eboot with a demo checking one but thats it. I can't see that they do anything in terms of license creation.

    We need to monitor the call a demo licensed game makes and then give it what it wants.

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    teltras Guest
    Hi there, with the latest payloads I now have savage moon working.

    Where do I look inside my hdd to seek what was the changes?

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    MicroNut Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by teltras View Post
    Hi there, with the latest payloads I now have savage moon working.

    Where do I look inside my hdd to seek what was the changes?
    What do you mean by working? It's always worked as a demo.

    If you somehow managed to get it past demo mode please explain how.

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    teltras Guest
    I have the bought game but when I changed the hdd I was unable to renew my psn license, but now I updated because we can go online.

    I noticed some changes on TMP folder... could this be a point to start digging.

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    MicroNut Guest
    You just went and downloaded your license for the game again. As you know it wont work on another PS3.

    What changes did you see in the temp folder? Did it drop any mysterious bins or ?

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    teltras Guest
    Yes it does work, but only for the same user, the game works on my two ps3 I donīt have the knoledge to hack it to make it work if you use another usernames.

    But tomorrow iīm gonna install a new hdd to test it and compare the two hdd. Before and after the psn license update.
    The game folder was untouched by the license activation, but the tmp folder changed something bacause the date changed after the update. Thats why i mention TMP folder.

    The other folders didnīt change the modified date. Or could it be that tmp plus nand changes... The two combined?

    I discovered another thing my mistake, the usernames are stored inside ps3 (nand) and not on the hdd. I created an account on "hdd1" and after that I put another hdd on the ps3 and the same user that I created on hdd1 appears on that one... strange.

    Itīs late here, I put the results here tomorrow.

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    MicroNut Guest
    Ummm no. All I did was come up with a way to install debug addons and updates as full games. After that I resued the method to create the symbolic launch point in the xmb to hack retail psn game dumps.

    1. Create the preinstallation folder in GAME (the hack)
    2. Install the debug update/addon. (actually a full game)
    3. Play game.

    For Retail games - using debug addon/update eboot only.

    4. Backup the installed update/addon files in that folder on PS3. (step2)
    5. Delete the -contents- of that folder on PS3
    6. Copy retail dump into that folder on PS3.
    7. Replace retail eboot with the debug eboot on PS3

    That is it. This does not directly remove psn check or demo mode from any locked eboot. This is a system installation file hack combined with game file swapping.

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    Crashdance22 Guest
    Speaking of EBOOTs, what purpose does the Decrypted EBOOT.BIN Complete List serve? Something about matching hashes, but it wasn't outlined clearly.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I'm interested in "GundeadliGne" and "Gundemonium Recollection". So can someone found the PSN links for it and post it here as well ? I don't know, if there is an debug update available, but I would be very thankful if one of you give it a try.

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