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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    ricky68 Guest
    where do you have find the debug patch trine??

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    MicroNut Guest
    That was the Doorway to understanding the nature of psn eboots. However you did not discover how to install and or extract
    Addons or Updates as standalone games like Worms, Braid or Super Puzzle Fighter.

    I did that. Then I advanced it even further with understanding how to install full retail PSN game backups. Like Cuboid and Trine.

    Both of which no one in the world would know how to do or would even know that it was possible...

    QA = Quality Assurance.
    Final Step before Retail
    I have never found a demo QA

    I found Trine by crawling the update links one TitleID at a time. Then a very kind person shared a backup of their retail install from a JB PS3.

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    Firmware150 Guest
    Good job man, thanks for your efforts. What you say about Braid and stuff is true. I knew that Braid was the full game despite being named update (How can an update be THAT size!), how did you manage to get it to install?

    Can you elaborate how you got Cuboid and Trine to work then? Also what are these activator .pkgs I see floating around? Are they just Debug updates?

    I wanted to experiment with PSN content more but it's all so fiddly and I'm just all so lazy Thankfully now we can install retail .pkgs from INSTALL/PACKAGES rather than the whole FTP and reboot into retail thing, so that's the reason I'm joining in the experimentation now!

    Wait but why don't QAs work then? I mean they are like debugs, I can extract them using the .PKG extractor on my Laptop no problem Plus like I said it gets passed the PSN sign in requirement? Or is there a further check after the game is run?

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    MicroNut Guest
    I have answered all your questions already:

    Just create one folder like this and use it over and over, renaming it whenever your testing a package file.

    One page back:
    Activation packages only update the icons and sfo's
    Nothing ever modifies an eboot.
    They only get over written.
    Demo eboots call for a license file signed for it only based on the PS3 serial number.

    From what I can tell QA's are almost 100% similar to Retail eboots.
    They are nothing like Debugs.

    PSN eboots are locked in two ways.
    1. PSN Network Check for License.
    2. Demo mode locked because they have no license.
    They are one, both or niether.

    The license check makes you sign in to get the license needed to unlock out of demo mode.
    Part of the retail package, makes sense right?
    QA's should be ready to ship to the customer right?
    Demo mode eboots get replaced or licensed after logging into PSN.
    Debug Demo eboots are confusing only because we are never suppose to see or use them.

    So do you see how everthing hinges on creating those pre-installation folders first and stuffing an eboot.bin inside them?

    A critical hack that cant be replaced
    -unless someone makes a tool that can easily repoduce this process.

    Trine and Cuboid (using my method)
    Installing the debug addons/updates accomplishes two things.
    1. Creates the symbolic link in the XMB to launch the game
    2. Extact the Debug eboot.
    After that simply completely copy the full retail backup over the debug installation.
    Then replace the retail eboot with the extracted debug eboot.
    Or simply replace the retail eboot with the debug and then upload once
    -overwritting everything.

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    ricky68 Guest


    sorry, but i don't find the trine patch, do you have a link?

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    Firmware150 Guest
    One more question than. How come we don't have more Debug Full games? Why only those 5 or so on the list (Tekken 5 being the most noteworthy).

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    ricky68 Guest
    elephunk and bionic commando still don't work :'(

    maybe an eboot locked?

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    MicroNut Guest
    There are about 20 PSN games released. I released 10 of them, a few of those are also covered, discovered, by others. Although their instructions are often filled with B$ explainations and requirements. Trying to imitate while not understanding the method.

    Elefunct and Bionic Commando will never be anything more than Demos unless someone finds a real psn demo hack. All Pixel Junk debugs are demo locked. KoF and MvC are demo locked as well. But then again you never know if someone finds the right eboot...

    I dont remember the link to Debug Trine but you can find it here at ps3news. I crawled all the TitleIDs using nighthawks awsome update finder.

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    Crashdance22 Guest
    So we absolutely need the debug EBOOTs for this. I've been reading up on this thread for a while and want to get the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta running. It will most likely never happen, however, the server won't return the debug patch (403 Access Denied). I instead loaded PS3_GAME as a disc game, and that bypasses the licence check.

    But it doesn't run, and I was told it's because downloadable games and disc-based games are encrypted differently. The EBOOT is probably encrypted with that very key. Any thoughts?

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    MicroNut Guest
    I have tried mixed some disc eboots with psn game files and vice versa with no success. That does not mean it will never work.

    I have recently encountered a QA eboot that black screens and thats encouraging, but has not produced anything yet.

    I have a short list of QA's that i am going to try when I have the time.

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