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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    e3g Guest
    Does your pixel junk monsters ask you to unlock?, ie. can you play more than the 2 demo levels. I believe monsters and stardust will just run in demo mode without any problem, but requires an appropriate unlock.dat file to go into full mode.

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    lordofthething Guest
    Did anyone try Scott Pilgrim V/S The World?

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    MicroNut Guest
    All PixelJunk debug eboots are locked from what I can tell. (Addon or Update) Joe Danger works.

    This is a dumped game from a fully installed game JB console that had games installed on it from PSN.

    Dump the game. (copy or backup or whatever)
    Find a matching open debug eboot with the correct TitleID

    All I can say is that this works if you can find a debug addon or update that does not say Purchase when you highlight the game icon and press triangle.

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    Bakke Guest
    With the PS3 Game Update Finder tools here:, you can dump your own purchased title for use with a proper Debug Update.

    Can anyone try it with Bionic Commando Rearmed? This seemed to fail with the Retail demo/Debug Update combo.

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    MicroNut Guest
    Yes, it wont work with any of the debugs I have tried. Not all Debug Eboots are unlocked. Bionic Commando is one of them.

    We need to make a list of all open or unlocked debug updates. Then we will know what retail psn dumps to request and work.

    Quote Originally Posted by mcx997 View Post
    It works, because I have tested it before a while on Hermes v4B.
    My method doesnt require anything special.
    Basic jailbreak.
    A dump of a full game
    or an Addon that is the full game
    and an unlocked debug eboot.

    Again Not all debug eboots are unlocked. (PSN Check or Demo Mode)

    Most of the time the eboot will only unlock the game from a PSN check yet still only runs in demo mode.

    Eboots are signed but not by Activation packages.
    All those seem to do is change the displayed Game name in the SFO from from Demo and remove the purchase option from the XMB.
    However the game is still a demo.

    So it seems two things need to happen to unlock an Eboot.
    1. The Eboot needs to be signed for the specific PS3. (PSN Check Lock)
    2. The PS3 needs a license for the Eboot to unlock out of Demo mode.

    Find unlocked eboots
    That is the key.

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    giddeldan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HuggernautNL View Post
    would you mind explaining me how you got burn zombie burn! working?

    because after installing, i try to apply the debug patch (NPUB300460 1.03) and it only tells me the target software is not installed?

    anyone know what I am doing wrong?
    sorry for being late... i'm really busy with the damn school... in a few words, i got burn zombie burn and worms like this:

    install demo (as mentioned on the tutorial) by ftp rename the folder of the game (in hdd0/games/) the same way that the patch (for example, if the game ID of demo is NEUS09874 and patch is for NEUS82374 rename the first folder to the second one)

    install the patch putting it on an usb with install package, you are done, gonna have 2 icons on the game selection, if u run the one without icon gonna desapear (could freeze here, just restar the ps3)

    this only works on games with patchs with different region...

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    MicroNut Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by giddeldan View Post
    demo is NEUS09874 and patch is for NEUS82374
    Where and or how did you find these TitleIDs?

    I have never achieved anything but a demo out of that game!

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    giddeldan Guest
    just an example... typed anything that comes to my mind.

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    MicroNut Guest
    I see! I got this to work full game thank you!

    No double icons just rename the the folder and re-uploaded.

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    giddeldan Guest
    congrats! which game you get??

    i tried a few else and no luck... maybe we can make a list of the games working with this method (made by me )

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