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Thread: Converting PSN Game Demos into PS3 JailBreak Full Versions

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    bennyvo Guest
    I don't think this converts retail into debug, but it updates from retail to debug, that's why you got to install retail first then install debug add-on or debug update that available.

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    Firmware150 Guest
    I tried this method with Fat Princess and it works great. Thanks for sharing OP.

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    delt31 Guest
    does this work with Tumble (move) ?

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    thejindesan Guest
    Has anyone gotten this to work with pixeljunk monsters? Its a different type of activation.. I bought it from the PSN store, but can't get it on my new PS3 since i am still on 3.41 I'd love to have this game back.

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    foxy1990 Guest
    pixeljunk monsters is available on ps3iso website and all you do is have it on root of memory stick and install like the download manager, easy peasy

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Fat Princess also works for me !

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    Bakke Guest
    The Last Guy and echochrome works.

    Bionic Commando still behaves as demo after installing the debug 1.01 update. Maybe i had to install the retail 1.01 update before applying the debug one.

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    sekko Guest
    is it important that i have paid for the retail downloads? or is it possible to get it work without buying it before?

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    foxy1990 Guest
    tumble still says its a demo after i install it.. this normal for it to still say demo? will it still work as retail?

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    thejindesan Guest
    Thanks does it still act like a demo for you? I believe i tried this and it still shows "unlock full game" in the menu. I tried the full debug version.

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