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    Morpheus24 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by limnique View Post
    So now we need to understand crypting algorithm, right?
    Yeah I think so. Well there's a lot of people who makes key generators and stuff, I think when someone figure out the crypting algorithm it could work.

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    No, this will only allow you to install retail demos while in jailbreak mode. Before you had to reboot ps3 without jailbreak then install the retail demo. This eliminates the need to restart ps3.
    I guess its not just for demos. In the descipton of waninkoko he claimed that this works fine with RETAIL.PKG UPDATES and so on.

    IŽll wait for something compiled to test.

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    lordofthething Guest
    Pardon the ignorance, but can someone tell me what is it exactly that is preventing PSN games from running on JB'd PS3's and what could be a viable solution (hypothetically)?

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    Roamin Guest
    To those who wonder, i have tested this last night on a teesny 1.0 , with a slim ps3 and installing both retail and demo packages work fine.

    lordofthething : A Valid license must be found on your ps3 to allow the game to launch. Licenses , for now, are created by sony when you grab something online, and mostlikely containt your ps3's serial number, along with your hdd serial number and probably some other data.

    Formatting a hdd , and placing your licenses back on it , the licenses won'T be correct , and your paid content wont be accessible.

    In my point of view , there are 2 way to bypass that, fake the license, or remove the license check from the GameOS. Unfortunately, this is out of my field.

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    wmxp Guest
    To the best of my knowledge, the .rif license files were never even compromised on the PSP. I ran a lot of tests on some free LittleBigPlanet DLC on my two psps, and came to the conclusion they are tied to the unique IDstorage keys of the device. The cryptography on the PS3 will be much stronger

    That being said, we never had the luxury of hacking the hypervisor of the PSP, so master key discovery might still be possible.

  6. #176
    lordofthething Guest
    Thank you Roamin. That's a pretty good explanation. Pray someone finds a way to bypass it. I badly want to play some PSN title.

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    evilak Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by datalogger View Post
    AFAIK: Without an act*.dat file, the games will ask to activate on PSN.

    The act*.dat file looks to be user based for all titles.
    the *.rik files look to be title based for all users.

    There needs to be more research on this to nail down what does what and how it's generated.

    'GameApp_OnActivateGameMain' in LV2 may be of some help with this....
    Unfortunately, working on all this is difficult to do because we can't activate without going to 3.50

    I’m waiting on delivery of a 2nd < 3.42 PS3 to see what I can figure out.
    This is the most valued comment on this thread I think

    anyways unlock.edat is not the key as some might think. It's act and rik files.

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    HuggernautNL Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by giddeldan View Post
    got worms and burn zombie burn working 100% FULL with some variants (made by me) on this method.

    maybe other games could work, gonna try someones on the next days
    would you mind explaining me how you got burn zombie burn! working?

    because after installing, i try to apply the debug patch (NPUB300460 1.03) and it only tells me the target software is not installed?

    anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  9. #179
    kyyylekey Guest
    Tried and not working: Pixeljunk Monsters, Monkey Island 2 SE, Super Stardust HD, echochrome (installs but hard-freezes the console randomly within 5 minutes of playing, regardless of if you use patch 1.01 or 1.02), Flower.

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    WOLFEY Guest
    wow thx man, i never knew you could do this with the jb

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