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  1. #121
    smerf1 Guest
    Tumble does not work.

  2. #122
    izac01 Guest
    So reading first couple pages this what this is a way to download a demo from psn and then make it the full retail version??

    I doubt this is what I think it is but from what i get this is just a way to straight up get retail psn games?

  3. #123
    freakoutcast Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by smerf1 View Post
    Tumble does not work.
    That's lame, was just getting ready to try this... Looks like i'll have to try but who knows... Hope this one gets figured out!

  4. #124
    datalogger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by memtest View Post
    no, i cannot even enter into the main menu. it asks me to login with PSN account and if I press cancel it get stuck and you have to reboot.
    I installed the 6.10 addon directly.
    Could be the way you did the upgrade to 6.10.

    When I did mine, I started with 1.67 and loaded all 9 of the updates in numeric order..

  5. #125
    tdawg Guest
    just wondering, on me mates ps3 he has purchased mushroom wars. I did that proxy thing to get the links for the full game. How do i get the debug? is that something sony release separatly? or can I still somehow proxy for the debug link?

    i'm digging real real hard to find the debug but its simply not listed on this site. any ideas? cause i can get it if its a real simple process. btw my friends on the latest sony firmware. so yeah accessing psn shouldnt be to hard.

  6. #126
    bl0wme Guest
    anyone got marvel vs capcom 2 the full game working?

  7. #127
    bawzz Guest
    i'm searching everywhere the EA MMA demo. Anyone have it ? ^^


  8. #128
    thehead Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bawzz View Post
    i'm searching everywhere the EA MMA demo. Anyone have it ? ^^

    Here`s the MMA demo you requested : http://ares.dl.playstation.net/cdn/E...087&country=gb

  9. #129
    unimatrix725 Guest

    Question Im waiting on the FTP Upload of some Debug PKGs

    this may contain the answer I have been hounding everyone for. The ps3 PS Store License. When my ftp finishes the 1.5GB Upload Ill post back. I would still like to know the ps store filename so I may poke around in it and see what can be done. BTW anyone know about "Owner" Settings on these pkg files?? Everything I've been working with has been retail, but this may hold the key to getting my games working.

  10. #130
    giddeldan Guest
    got worms and burn zombie burn working 100% FULL with some variants (made by me) on this method.

    maybe other games could work, gonna try someones on the next days

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