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    thejindesan Guest
    This is the full version Debug Package, but runs in demo mode. It will still show Unlock in the Main Menu.. We probably need the proper .RIF file to activate this to the full version.

    The demo and full version of this game are the same pkg or code. Its looking for something else to unlock it.. I believe super stardust and zen pinball also work this way.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Simply put, it doesn't work. We know that! LoL

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    datalogger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by thejindesan View Post
    If we have 2 rif files from 2 different consoles with 2 of the same game. We should be able to compare and a least determine which hex bits are the console ID.

    It may then be able to swap the other console ID in?
    OK, I'll bite, but I only have two PS1 titles that I registered on my new drive before they cutoff 3.41

    NPUI94228 and NPUI94425
    (Spyro and Spryo2)

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by datalogger View Post
    OK, I'll bite, but I only have two PS1 titles that I registered on my new drive before they cutoff 3.41

    NPUI94228 and NPUI94425
    (Spyro and Spryo2)
    I have both of those as well.

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    FernanditoJr Guest
    Saw your post on the boards... and so for you have got this down... I'm getting the message: An error occurred during the install operation. (800029567) I'm trying to make Fat Princess into a full game (I had the demo from before psgrooving my ps3). I ftp'd the debug pkg (that I've obtained from the list on these forums) along with the 3 .pbd files.

    What could I be doing wrong?

    ps: the .pkg file for fat princess reads likes this: UP9000-NPUA80139_00-FATPRINCESS00001-A0200-V0100.pkg so I placed it in a folder titled 00008139 on my ps3

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    jdeecee Guest
    What region are you in? The debug pack you show is for North America region. You may want to delete your original demo and start from scratch installing the demo again and try the debug file. Also check that the demo and debug file have the same number in beginning of file (using winhex) - this may help to matchup correctly.

    Also, are you installing the debug file from root of flash drive?

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    tdawg Guest
    Hey guys, I'm new to forum posting in general.

    I just discovered after reading IndyColtsFan84's post, what it is there is a file called act.dat, that contain my activation which i backed up prior to upgrading my HDD. I was bedazzled by the fact that my purchase games wouldnt work after format. It said that I needed to go onto PSN to activate. Anyhow, what i did was upload that act.dat file to home/exdata/act.dat .

    hope that helps if no one else has tried that. I got my previous paid games working again. Now to try all that other stuff you guys been talking.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg View Post
    Hey guys, I'm new to forum posting in general.
    Welcome aboard tdawg, and +Rep for your first post... which is actually quite nice in comparison to most I've read.

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    tdawg Guest
    cheers mate, i'm usually a fence sitter, i just read and absorb but never contribute. Is there a thread where I can paste my Psn Links? I'm in the Aussie region, and some of the links I can't remember what game it was? but I would like to put it up for the good of others. Good thing you guys have going here.

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    schumann Guest
    Yes, I met the same issue. Everything works fine at first, but after 3 - 4 minutes after the game starting. The console will be dead. You have to unplug for a reset.

    So same here, want to confirm with Bakke if he meets the same situation on this game.

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