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Thread: Convert PS3 Demo/Kiosk to Retail - No Downgrade, Update or Reinstalls

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    n4ru Guest

    Post Convert PS3 Demo/Kiosk to Retail - No Downgrade, Update or Reinstalls

    Here is the fastest possible way of converting a Kiosk/Demo PS3 to a fully functional retail PS3. Tested on the Kiosk/Demo PS3 I received recently.

    I was going to dump it's vsh & dev_flash2 but apparently something messed up and it failed. Good thing I have a second Kiosk PS3.

    Previous methods required PS3 downgrading, installing Acid CFW and of course there is always the PS3 Demo Unlock Codes.

    Before starting, download the vsh.rar along with a copy of Comgenie's Awesome FileManager, Waninkoko's Free Flash, and the Kiosk HEX payloads.

    NOTE: The attached dump is ONLY for 3.41 consoles.

    1. Flash a Kiosk payload to your jailbreak device.
    2. Insert the JB device into your PS3, insert a disc into the PS3. Hard power off the PS3 (unplug or back switch), then hard power it on (plug or back switch). When it restarts automatically hard power it off again as soon as you see the blue light flash. Hard power it on once more.
    3. Power On button then Eject within 0.2 seconds.
    4. Go to System -> hover over Security Settings, hold L1 + R1 + Select + Square, then type in the unlock code for 3.41: 2998.
    5. Place Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager, FreeFlash, and the vsh folder onto a USB thumb drive and insert it into the PS3. Install both packages and run FreeFlash.
    6. Run ComgenieAwesomeFilemanager. Browse to /dev_fflash/vsh/. Switch over to the right side and browse to /dev_usb00x/vsh/. Press select, circle, then start.
    7. Wait until it finishes copying over. Hard reset your console, and it's done!

    For those interested, the vsh is from a CECHE01 console, but I tested it on a Demo CECHA01 and it worked.

    [imglink=|Convert PS3 Demo / Kiosk to Retail - No Downgrades or Reinstalls][/imglink]
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    Apr 2005
    I have now moved it to the Site News and +Rep for sharing your easy guide n4ru!

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Hmmm, wonder if i can find a cheap kiosk? anyone wanna shed some light on where to get a kiosk? would love to have a second ps3 for PSN access.

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    n4ru Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    Hmmm, wonder if i can find a cheap kiosk? anyone wanna shed some light on where to get a kiosk? would love to have a second ps3 for PSN access.
    eBay. Got 2 CECHA01 Demo PS3s there with some outer wear for $200 and $237, plus $17 shipping (each), but the seller has a few hundred of them for $300 BiN.

    You can easily get a CECHG there for under 200 bid.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    thanks for the info, i'm guessing ebay is the best place to find demo unit?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    hi, just so everyone knows all dev_flash folders are the exact same for all models across all regions, (on same firmware of course ) its only dev_flash2 and dev_flash3 that are different . So it doesnt matter if your on slim 3.41 , or launch model 3.41 etc, as long as its retail 3.41 they are 100% the same. (not debug 3.41 or kiosk 3.41 obviously )

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    n4ru Guest
    Debug and Kiosk are also the same with the exception of the vsh folder, which is why conversion is so easy. And since the EID for Demo/Kiosk units is EXACTLY THE SAME as Retail units, there is ZERO difference once you replace the vsh folder.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I'm just referring to the way you mentioned different hardware revisions, some noobs reading that might think you were saying that they were different in some way but they are in fact exactly the same across all regions and HW versions (3.41 retail dev_flash folders I mean).

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    n4ru Guest
    Ah okay, I said that to clear confusion about hardware revisions, not cause it

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    Haksam Guest
    i just want to add: PLEASE BE CAREFUL with Comgenie, everytime I see those dev_flash folders I feel pretty scared that I might delete them accidentally. (Deleting anything here can break your ps3 anytime)

    There's two modes, blue screen and red screen, if you don't understand what these are, just read the text carefully, then learn how to back up all the folders on the left via blue screen mode first to a USB stick before doing any modifications!

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