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    Contributor buglio's Avatar
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    i have followed this guide (i've a kiosk CECHH04 40 giga model).. but after rebooting, my XMB, hasn't any menĂ¹!!! only the "moving wave"... is possible to recover my consolle? how can i access to flash directory to replace the old VSH directory. thanks in advance.

    hi, still me. fortunately, my ps3 is back!!! if someone else should fail the flash update, my experience could be interesting:

    1- reboot in recovery mode
    2- select system update..
    3- the installation of the new firmware, replaces the correct flash directory.

    it was easier than i imagined.
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    Can you tell me step-by-step cause it won't work for me.

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    i've made exactly as i've already written.. anyway, have you rebooted in recovery mode? (see attached image)

    to reboot in recovery mode, keep pressed start botton, until you heard a double quick beep... to browse recovery mode menu, you have to plug the controlled with cable.

    if you have arrived in this point, select 6 - (system update) and install the firmware 3.41 kiosk (i had previously put in a usb key)... wait the installation complete and nothing else.. when rebooted all the menu were recovered.

    i hope you will rise up your ps3.

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    Can i just use me ti-84 caluclator for this?

    I figured out the problem, i can't mount the dev_fflash thing, how can i fix that?
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    I am extremely confused by just step one, Flashing a Kiosk Payload to your JB Device, it's stated so simply but I'm completely new to this, is there a guide or something? Do I HAVE to buy a USB Developer board? If so, where?

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    The guide is in the first post, with another method (and guide) linked there as well. Also, please do NOT ask "where to buy" anything in this section, as all such discussion must go in our designated BST Forum only.

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    hi, i have 3.50 kiosk ps3.. can i use the above tutorial to convert that to retail or do i need anything special for it?

    thank you.

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    Hi, I know the guide by Haksam states that it will only work for 3.41 and lower but I've been getting mixed reports that it will work for 3.50 demo? I have a 3.51 demo unit that I wish to downgrade, any help would be appreciated. BTW is the psgrade jig for all version and not specific to 3.41? Thanks.

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    Just one question if you do this do you lose BD, and will BD come back if you update the firmware afterwards?


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    I had to reflash to the 3.41 also mine came up without menus, I have a slim on 3.41 kiosk hoped it would work but just have to wait and see if someone comes up with anther vsh or way to convert.


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