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Thread: Codename Sonic Dongle: Dongle for PSGroove

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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    The whole PSJailreak/PSGroove thing has a worldwide shortage of the all the compatible AT90USB chips.

    While I wait for my order (which at the moment seems like it could take up to 2 weeks -.-) I will be looking at the PIC 18F2550 Port of the PSGroove software and trying to design a dongle for that.

    The nice thing is that the 18F2550 can also be programmed with a USB Bootloader, this means that it would also be fully upgradeable via USB, with no extra hardware!

    Stay tuned!


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    Lougard Guest
    And about firmware 3.42?? Do you think that will ruin yours sales?

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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    For now, yes, but I'm sure that as the scene starts to grow, so will the demands for these kind of dongles.

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    joffe Guest
    with the possibilities the exploit opens for sure a lot of people will remain on 3.41 - this is way more worthwile than the 'announced' OOFW3.21 months ago.

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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    UPDATE: It seems that due to funding and parts shortages it will be almost impossible for me to continue developing this project myself.

    So I have decided to just upload the board design. I'm sure a lot of improvements could still be made to it.

    Note: The USB connector is supposed to be a male type A connector, since there is no such part available for eagle, I used a female type A socket, keep that in mind when using this design.

    I will still be active in these forums if anyone needs help or has a question.

    E-mail Removed per Site Rules. -Admin


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    BwE Guest
    brd? what runs brd? and do you have a parts list etc

    i could always contact a manufacturer and have these made myself

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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    EAGLE Layout editor uses brd.

    All the parts and their values should be indicated in the brd file.

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    BwE Guest
    yeah i ran eagle - wayy above my skillset.


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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    Hmm, if you can find a good manufacturer for the boards, maybe we can team up?

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