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Thread: Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device for Custom Firmware Arrives

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    Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device for Custom Firmware Arrives

    Today we have received word of the Code Unique 3 (CU3) PlayStation 3 cheat device which supports Custom Firmware including Kmeaw, Rebug and Rogero PS3 CFW.

    Download: Code Unique 3 2 - With Ps3 Cheat Editor 2.20 - FIXED 4.21+.rar (50.3 MB) / Code Unique 3 2 - With Ps3 Cheat Editor 2.20 - FIXED 4.21+.rar (Mirror) / Code_Unique_3_2_-_With_Ps3_Cheat_Editor_2.20_-_FIXED_4.21_.rar (Mirror #2) by Grasshopper

    Below are the details from the official site, as follows:


    1. Unique dongle in the world which support ps3 all firmwares (Kmeaw 3.55 / Rogero 4.21 / 4.3 / Rebug 4.3) simultaneously
    2. Built-in 4 MB Flash and ACTEL chip set, powerful calculation power, support static and dynamic multi level pointer, modify games thoroughly.
    3. Provide in game screen capture.
    4. Support custom db st.dat, support plain text codes, in that way take advantage your own codes easily, no matter.
    5. Support dual codes db update, you can switch code db in management section.

    PS3 Install

    1: Download PS3_CU3_4.X.pkg and install to PS3
    2. Download according codes db to any usb disk root directory cheatlist.dat Official code update file (Official support cheat code in 4.xx cfw, and VIP support)
    cheatcu2.dat Custom dat file (non official, game sites and forum released file, file name”st.dat” should be rename to “cheatcu2.dat” )
    cheatcu2.txt Custom txt file (Complete open protocol, you can add, delete , modify your own cheat code)
    3. CU3 support dual code switch,( press SELECT+L2), and the custom code file can be dat or txt, so the combinations could be:
    A: cheatlist.dat+cheatcu2.dat
    B: cheatlist.dat+cheatcu2.txt

    3: According to your favor, plug in both the USB disk with “.dat” file and the CU3 dongle to PS3( don’t use an usb extending cable), turn on PS3, after boot up, it shows “ Updating cheatcode, Don’t eject the device!...” after update it will enter CU3 game selecting page. After successful updating, “.dat” file in USB disk would be deleted.(Official dat file would be deleted in 1 minute, custom file in about 1 minutes and 40 seconds, please be patient)

    Attention: when you have updated with dat file,pls power off your console and restart it.

    Each cfw use different way to load CU3:
    • Debug 4.21 cex/dex after turn on ps3, enter multiMAN once, back to XMB, than load CU
    • Debug 4.30 after turn on ps3, enter multiMAN once, back to XMB, than load CU
    • Rogero 4.30 after turn on ps3, load cu
    • Kmeaw 3.55 after turn on ps3, load cu

    Attention: You can stop booting from CU by long time press “Select”. Minimum requirements of MM version is Ver 04.18.00.

    Button config

    R1 switch between cheat codes page and Game list only page
    L1 switch official cheat codes and custom cheat codes in Game only list
    Circle: Boot the game without loading cheat code
    Square: Show cheat code menu
    Triangle: copy and delete game in main cheat code page, search code in Game only page
    X: Exit

    PSN games cheat code are a little different, in CU3 page, pres L1 to switch to list mode before load the cheatcode, other steps are the same.

    CU3 FAQ

    Q: I studded in updating dat file when showing the information screen, what can I do?

    A: 1: Turn off and turn on PS3 to see if the dat file is updated. Second, check dat file in the USB disk is deleted. It’s OK if positive, the system is fake death only. Otherwise, you got to update it again, or use another USB disk to try again.

    2: Make sure the dat file is not corrupted, if you use txt file, it should be ended with 2 blank lines.

    Q:Why the game hung, the cheat code not functioning etc.

    A: As our experience of hundreds of games, system hung up, black screen, not functioning are because of 5 situations, please check.

    Q: It shows “Unknown usb device” when I plugged in the CU3 dongle, it is normal?

    A: Yes it is expected, the dongle could be malfunction if there is no such notice.

    1: Occasional hung up of CU manager when loading the cheat code with START button , we did not find the cause of this weird situation, sorry

    2: Version of game not correct cause hung up. For example the version of code is “XXX” Japanese version, small version code is 1.04, but your game updated to 1.06, in this case hung up is expected, or the cheat code is Japanese version and your game is US version, it also would be hung. So please select the cheat code strictly according to your game. (CU will inform you if the version is incorrect)

    3: Load too many cheatcodes. Obviously, cheat code will modifying the memory where the game running, more cheatcodes loaded, the game become more unstable. In this case you can remove the codes gradually to prevent system hanging. Especially RPG game, modify the money to 9999999 and save, next time you don’t need to use CU to modify it, so the game will not hang up be sure, and the number of kits etc. Use your brain so to speak.

    4: The game could not progress after loading cheatcode. That’s simple, you can 1: delete your game data file( backup game data by ftp) and create the game data again. Or 2: Unload the cheat code and CU to start the game again.

    5: Most of the games will install data to harddisk, if the game not install completely and loaded the cheatcode, black screen or hang up will be for sure. So please confirm that the game is install correctly and create a game data before loading the cheatcode.

    The solutions above are precious experience , you should solve most of the black screen and hung up problems using these techniques. If you still have questions, please join the qq group to ask other players, and the dongle has one year of warranty.

    CU3 official QQ group: 36715716

    1: In game you can press “HOME” to call XMB, and select “Photo->Save Screenshot”.
    2: Captured photo will be saved in “Photo” directory, they could be grouped, backup etc.

    Finally, it is not recommended to invest in this DRM-infected dongle as according to PlayStation 3 dongle hacker oct0xor via Twitter: Just can't wait! But it looks like clone of clone of clone

    [imglink=|Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device for Custom Firmware Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device for Custom Firmware Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device for Custom Firmware Arrives][/imglink]
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    seeman Guest
    i hope they make this possible without dongle... suckers!

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    Starchild2k Guest
    I wonder how long before this becomes drm free??!!

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    dsavage Guest
    lol these people still trying to take the ps3 scene with these pos dongles.


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    BluRay Guest
    I don't get It, didn't we get a cheat homebrew for 3.55+ not long ago?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Well hopefully oct0xor gets busy making ps3usercheat for 4.30 CFW

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    dogggg Guest
    finally... Code Unique is the only reason why i havent upgraded my 3.55... other than this i think everything works perfectly on newer firmware...

    guess its time to make my mind.. (rebug 4.21 or 4.30 / rogero 4.30) dunno which one is the best...

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    technodon Guest
    why would you need this? did you not hear about the recent release of trophy keys.

    trophy_param_sfo_key=5D5B647917024E9BB8D330486B996 E795D7F4392
    tropsys_dat_key=B080C40FF358643689281736A6BF15892C FEA436
    tropusr_dat_key=8711EFF406913F0937F115FAB23DE1A989 7A789A
    troptrns_dat_key=91EE81555ACC1C4FB5AAE5462CFE1C62A 4AF36A5
    tropconf_sfm_key=E2ED33C71C444EEBC1E23D635AD8E82F4 ECA4E94

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    Video: Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device Hacked By Vosman Demo

    Following up on the initital news, today video game code hacker vosman of has uploaded a video demonstrating what appears to be the Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 cheat device being hacked.

    Download: Code Unique 3 2 - With Ps3 Cheat Editor 2.20 - FIXED 4.21+.rar (50.3 MB) / Code Unique 3 2 - With Ps3 Cheat Editor 2.20 - FIXED 4.21+.rar (Mirror) by Grasshopper

    The video showcases the Code Unique 3 (CU3) software being started without the required DRM-infected USB dongle followed by Uncharted 3 for PlayStation 3 being played.

    As vosman has previously released decrypted CU3 codes since the pre-release of the CU3 dongle, many community members feel this is indeed legitimate.

    Reportedly, a user of CMP has already asked vosman about this video, but thus far there is no comment from him on its authenticity.

    [imglink=|Video: Code Unique 3 (CU3) PS3 Cheat Device Hacked By Vosman Demo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    FlyDragon Guest
    Yep indeed this the only reason why I stay on 3.55.

    I just wait for the newer fixes.

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