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    Looks like there's a new easy app to streamline cheat manufacturing for 4.21+. See here:

    The codes drought might end soon

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    Hi! I would like to ask how to create a custom cheats for CODE UNIQUE 3? the cheatcu2.dat, cheatcu2.txt and cheatlist.dat how do i make them? .. i'm a newbie in using this device

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    Need help with Code Unique 2.3

    So, I downgraded my PS3 to 3.55CFW to use CodeUnique 2.3. I have many games that are version 4.40 and above, when applying the patch and running the game through CU I get stuck on a black screen. No clue how to get past it! The patch works, I can run the game normally without going through CU.

    On that same note, I was curious to know if anybody knows how to use CU with PSN installed games.

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    to use it with psn games you have to first start CU and after selecting codes and exit you have to start the psn game. no manager needed.

    unluckily, blackscreens on startup or returning to xmb are very common with that tool and only retrying is the best method.

    and you can build a custom cheatcu2.dat or cheatcu2.txt with that cheateditor from aldostools. though it only works with the original release which only supports upto 4.30 CFW. they have removed the option to use your own codes on the latest update.

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    Code unique for 4.46

    Hi all, i'm a newbie.

    anyone knows if the code unique works for cfw 4.46 Rex?


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    from what i know there is no code unique works for cfw 4.46 Rex

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    I dont think there is any written for CFW 4.xx

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    Maybe it's just me having bad luck searching things, but it looks like there is severe lack of interest in code making for 4.xx. Not sure why.

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    If anyone have or can make this app compatible with 4.xx I would be very happy.

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    try using the ps3 bruteforce save data (BSD).

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