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  1. #31
    Mahadewa Guest
    stability, its the reason why I stay on 3.55.

    I hope its run perfectly with new release game.

  2. #32
    kanketsu Guest
    I'd also like to know this. There seems to be really, really scrarce info or progress on "cheating" on 4.XX firmware.

  3. #33
    warfan118 Guest
    This seems interesting but surreal

  4. #34
    windrider42 Guest
    They are just holding out on 4.xx users is all. I am sure it can be done. Its a matter of won't release it.

  5. #35
    kanketsu Guest
    I wonder what it takes to push things forward in 4.21+ cheat department

  6. #36
    racer0018 Guest
    Looks good so far.

  7. #37
    predprey Guest
    when there is a open solution for CU on 4.21+ and more people starts chipping in on developing codes

  8. #38
    j1ni0r Guest
    Very good, thanks!

  9. #39
    omegaprime29 Guest
    awesome man

  10. #40
    windrider42 Guest
    Xploder PS3 has some that others don't for 4.21 and some individuals have PS3 saves that will work on 4.21 +

    So these guys should just release version working on 4.21+ IF you ask me

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