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    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    Also it claims just to be for 3.41. They should think about that carefully cause it make no sense for me.
    I would assume it's for jb consoles. Cheating is always fun, at least offline anyway. I'd certainly rather cheat than collect trophies.

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    Sounds exciting. I found this site because of this post. I don't plan to ever cheat online, but for tedious games offline I won't mind having some fun if and when this comes to the states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by costocart View Post
    why would anyone want to cheat? it makes the game really boring. there will be no sense of achievement and satisfaction when unlocking things through cheat. it kills the fun for me.
    I completely agree. i love beating games at the hardest difficulty it's so satisfying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc2590 View Post
    I completely agree. i love beating games at the hardest difficulty it's so satisfying.
    When I have play games with friends, and they choose easy, I roll my eyes, and start my complaint rant about how stupid it is to choose easy. It's just a waste of a potentially kick ass game.

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    now wait a second.. you all are saying that cheating is not good and blah blah.

    it's not cheating for some of us. I started playing games when I was 8 years old and I'm almost 30 now and I still play games because as Bernard Show says “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”.

    I used to play a lot of games on hard in my time because I HAD TIME. I finished Metal Gear all 1,2 and 3 on all levels with getting all tags just for the hell of it and because I had time.

    now I'm juggling between a family, doing masters and a part-time job and I want some "me" time with my PS3. and I dont want to waste my time that I don't have much of anymore collecting gills or whatever needs collecting. I want to get the experience and have fun with the game and even talk about with my brother who is 15 years younger than me. personally I don't play online so believe me if I say you'll not play against me while cheating.

    so, please stop all the B.S. about "this is not gaming" or "it takes all the fun". some of us need this stuff to have fun and still function in society. other than that I don't think that this is like codebreaker or gameshark. I'd say it's more like a save editor where you can get what.

    sorry for the ranting but I had to say this.


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    Cheat devices are useful, especially if you want to unlock all the goodies and jump straight into the multiplayer or vs mode of games. Spending the normal amount of time to get all the gear in Resident Evil is just overkill. Once you beat a game like that, it's not fun to replay it a 1000 times just to unlock the extra stuff.

    With that said, I'll never pay 100 USD for a cheat device. That is nearly double the cost of a new PS3 game. It doesn't even work past 3.41 (obviously jailbreak dependent) so in my opinion that makes it even less valuable. What happened to the 20-40$ range for these things....

    If it gets ripped I'll just use a free rip instead Serves them right for such a high price anyway.

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    Sounds very nice as it will come in handy for some of the tough spots in the game, now hopefully they will make it compatible with the newer firmware.

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    The price is just as crazy as the PSDowngrade. I just assumed this would be some kind of backup manager with cheat functions. I remember when gamer was a hardly used term, and only for people that played all kinds of games, not the latest shooter to come out.

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    This sounds nice maybe people can do like they did with the ps2 action replay and even get things in the game that were not in from the beginning.

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