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    May 2008

    Yeeeey ! Sony Strikes again! Time for us to do something back !... oh wait... we are BANNED -.-'... Hmm... glad i did a full reset on my PS3's here... and just in time i think.

    For people that are banned. The MAC address + Serial are the 2 things it checks in its Database (as i heard). If you are running CFW... well you can change the MAC address. (spoofing). Problem here is that it starts with this "small" ban... i think we might say all the PS3's with CFW installed on them are going to be banned pretty soon.

    I don't know if i am safe... I deleted every trace of a backup manager or copied game... (took HDD out and low-formated and overwrote all with 1 values... you know the drill.) Then i put it back in and did not patch it anymore... so 3.56 here... got 1 console left thats stuck on 3.41... could try that one for hacking. But still as said before: Wana play online? Go buy the game!

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    Sr. Member elser1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010

    if you are PROVEN to be doing the WRONG thing then YOU DESERVE THIS.. if not then thats pretty bad from a public perception.

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    Jan 2011

    The Excuses are so known :-D when i worked for a online Company, the users also said the same things when the got blocked :-D

    "I let my friend playing!"
    "My Sister was playing"
    "A friend... blabla"

    it's so funny to see the people whining when they realise that they failed :-)

    never give cheaters a chance!

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    first of all my 1st ps3 is on normal firmware 3.55, my second is still waiting for cfw at 3.41 so i can't test this but i found this at nextgen...
    in order to prevent from getting console banned you must delete the black ops game data utility BEFORE you updated to 3.56, then when you update download the patch and you will only be banned on your hacked accounts, not console banned.... the reason i know this works is because there is so many of my friends and just people on here that were getting console banned (i looked on here before i updated) so i decided i would try deleting the patch and, it worked, i have about 10 hacked 15th accounts on my ps3, i didnt delete any of them, sorry that i didnt post this sooner...
    and i have no black ops yet.
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    is this for the idiots that are prestige hacking or for anyone using cfw?

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    Did anyone actually stop and read the article and picture at all? It's just a TA ban and has nothing to do with CFW detection. This same thing happened with MW2.

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    Member Tepoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    it's correct that they do this. if people wanna cheat, they should cheat at singleplayer. but cheating in multiplayer is the best proof that for beeing a tard.

    cheating in multiplayer and getting a high rank trought this, only shows that they would never get a chance without hacks. and thats only sad.

    (If someone cant handle those idiots, just play another game, me formyself only playing games where are no exploits)

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    Newbie AJV171's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    Just tested with the bypass, I am online and fine. I think I can confirm this is for cheaters and hackers of Black Ops online only.

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    i'm not sure about the truths here, my son has played with his gamertag on my cfw ps3 and also plays on his unhacked ps3 with the disk, i don't think he got banned so it's got to be people cheating i reckon.

    i agree fully with this but to ban someone who isn't prestige hacking and playing fairly on a non hacked ps3 with the disk is really out of order. i will find out later because his ps3 is at his mums so i cant check, i will report back as i know more.

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    May 2010

    i've see the same problem yesterday :


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